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Audience Gironde: Alexis, 19, killed for a laptop – Le Parisien

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Three young people are on trial for the murder of Alexis Moulinier, a student stabbed to death in Talence ( Gironde) in March 2014

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Moulinier Alexis, 19, was returning home find her friend when he was wrestled to the floor in the lobby of his building and violently stabbed in the heart. Dr

They roamed the tram to choose a target who steal his phone. “A young man with laptop and value that is not stronger than them,” said the 17 year old girl who was with Michael and Christopher Houwer, twins of 21 years that she knew of kitchen knives armed.

March 5, 2014, in Talence (Gironde), it is she who spots Alexis Moulinier, 19, an economics student who comes back his friend. The trio decides to follow him. In the lobby of the building where Alexis lives with his girlfriend, the student is forced to the ground. A knife fuse. Alexis collapses, mortally wounded at heart. “I planted, on court! “Shouted Michael.

Challenged eleven days later after a call for witnesses, these young vagrant, big drug users, already known for robberies, explain having sold the phone for Alexis € 40: two or cannabis resin strips. Their murder trial preceded by an armed robbery that opens on Monday before the Assize Court of minors Gironde (the girl is a minor at the time). The lawyer for the family of Alexis Stéphane Guitard, however, intends to solicit public hearings. “We must confront this drama of ordinary violence. Do not resolve to silence! Because it can affect all of our children, “says Corinne Parra, close friend of the parents and vice-president of the association dedicated to the memory of their son. The verdict is expected Friday.

Alexis Parents are “not afraid to cross their eyes”

C is surrounded by those who loved Alexis – and they are many -. Stephane and Corinne Moulinier want to live this painful legal step

what do you expect the trial
 STÉPHANE MOULINIER. To be fair, for the dignity of our children, we hope that this trial will not be held in camera. Imagine that these twins already, yet major, will benefit from the scheme of minors and a reduced scale of penalties … The closed session would be a knockout. In my head, I will fight a battle in silence … I want our friends, their children, who have grown up with Alexis always, be there. They need as much as us. I also believe that only a public debate about the drama of violence and recidivism can allow this to serve to others.

Are you worried face-to-face with the accused ?

 M.S. – No. My wife and I have no fear of crossing their eyes. It’s trial, it is for them to be afraid. They are idiots, morons, which were taken three months prior to children aged 12-13. They were arrested, released before trial, then they crossed paths with my son … I do not point the finger of justice but I ask: can we do differently to limit the damage

Who was Alexis?

 M.S. – Alexis … There are so many nice things to say. A broken father talking so you do not believe me: Alexis was perfect. The eldest of our boys had a passion for the theater, he started at the age of 4 years. On stage, he was sun! He also loved music, playing drums, guitar, harmonica. He practiced rugby and started American football after watching a match during the trip to New York we had given him for his tray. Wherever he went, it was unanimous. He loved people enough to believe they could be bad … His dream was to become an actor, to give courses to children and to one day have a house in the Basque Country. It was my pride


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Audience Gironde: Alexis , 19, killed for a laptop

They roamed the tram to choose a target that steal his phone. “A young man with laptop and value that is not stronger than them,” said the 17 year old girl who was with Michael and Christopher Houwer, for …

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