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Île-de-France: coaching sessions very costly elected for the region – Le Parisien

stink bombs are output to the Regional Council of Ile-de-France! After the revelations of the new right-wing majority of Valérie Pécresse (LR) on expensive trips of Jean-Paul Huchon – his Socialist predecessor has disbursed € 258,000 to reach the 2015 Cannes Film Festival with other elected officials – here that new practices are brought to light.

they seek some regional advisers that right, during the previous term, while they were in the opposition, have handsomely profited individual training médiatraining funded by the community … and therefore the taxpayer.

Among them, three former supporters of Jean-Francois Cope during the presidency of the battle for ex-UMP. In this case Geoffroy Didier, Pierre-Yves Bournazel and Geraldine Poirault-Gauvin, then unknown to the public. Between 23 June and 21 December 2011, they received them three nineteen days of training, according to internal documents as we could see. With such diverse programs that “public speaking”, “Mastering the interview” or “The argument as affirmation tool.” . A good deal for these ambitious politicians, in search of media notoriety that would serve as a springboard for their careers

The suite has also given them reason: Pierre-Yves Bournazel challenged Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet for investiture of the former municipal UMP in Paris in 2014. Geoffroy Didier, he announced his candidacy for the primary right for 2017. total cost of such drives to speaking out in the media, including ? € 22,724 paid at the time the training body Doxeo. A company placed in liquidation since. And rightly so, because it was a subsidiary of Bygmalion … which Bournazel and Didier were then assured of communication training. “Basically, they were customers and providers. Mixing and funny, “raises a tenor of Republicans.

While these training provided in 2011 did nothing illegal. “They even offered a right to each elected. Besides, I’ve never used the entire budget, which each year is granted to elected officials for training, “insists Bournazel. “I assume completely. I argued that right in strict compliance with the law, “continues Didier. “The problem is that, once the name Bygmalion is mentioned, it is expected sulphurous things. But in 2011, no one could imagine the scandal that would erupt later ( Editor’s note: in spring 2014) , “he continues. “And the sessions I attended were far from phony. Instead, they allowed me to gain real insurance for my public speaking taken, “continues Geraldine Poirault-Gauvin.

” We talk even when public money, there! And obviously, they have profited more than any other elected personalized coaching sessions to be their only political ambition, “choking a socialist elected. While Corinne Bord, former Vice President PS in the region, indignant to see “that the boxes Bygmalion have been supplied on the back of the area and the taxpayer.” “Public expression is inherent in local elected office. Whether you’re trying to train to improve, rather it is a good thing. I really do not see where is the problem, “concludes Didier.

Costly training … and wacky?
in the world of continuing education for elected, opacity reigns supreme. To see the list of those held at the Regional Council of Ile-de-France under the previous administration, there is something to question. So these formations with esoteric names like “old Worlds, New Worlds” or “What left for any change,” taught in 2013 at PS elected. September 17, 2010, a law on organizing a one day session on regional finances for all elected right-wing opposition. Bill: € 43 630 for a few hours … some elected officials say today do not even remember

“Frankly, it does not tell me anything,” says one of them, whose name is yet! mentioned among the participants. “It’s often like that. There who enroll … and forget the big day, “sighs a regional councilor. “We never used all of our yearly amounts of training, defends entourage Pécresse, head of the opposition from 2010 to 2015. The first year, we have consumed only about € 95,000 € 185,000 allocated. “Elected to head the region in December, Pécresse admits a lack of transparency. “This will change with the Code of Ethics which we signed in January, swears his cabinet. Henceforth, all training will be visible on the website of the region, with the name of the chosen one, the title of the course, the training body and even the cost. “


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