Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bernadette Chirac offers support to Nicolas Sarkozy – The Point

If for Jacques Chirac, the heart beats for Alain “the best of us,” his wife, the champion of the right remains Nicolas Sarkozy. Bernadette Chirac said Wednesday on RTL that it intended to “work for the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy” on the primary right, to which the former president is not yet officially a candidate.

“the current period is very difficult, there were these attacks, the violence, these thugs who helped break the new facade of the Necker hospital, revolts also against the police,” described the wife of Jacques Chirac. “All this does not make easy work of the government,” she said. “There will be a complicated year, it already is, we will soon go to the primary” in November, added the former first lady, recalling that it is “very involved in politics.”

Stand United

“I stayed in Corrèze, but I do not work in Corrèze, I intend to work for the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy when he me ask, of course, “she announced.

Bernadette Chirac has for several years of the staunchest supporters of Nicolas Sarkozy, President of RS, which could signal the end of August to run for the primary right . In 2012, while her husband had shown her support for François Hollande, as a part of his family, the former first lady had displayed his unwavering support for Nicolas Sarkozy. And had this sentence, called the price of political humor. “Be aware, in my family, they all voted Holland. Except Jacques, but he did not know. “


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