Thursday, June 23, 2016

Demonstration against labor law: history of an incredible turnaround – The World

Manuel Valls and  Francois Hollande at the exit of the Cabinet on  June 22, 2016.

But what the hell is happening exactly at the top of the state? On the eve of the demonstration against the bill work, scheduled Thursday, June 23 by unions CGT, FO, Solidaires, FSU, UNEF, UNL and LDIFs, the event management policy took a tour of the most incredible. First prohibited, the event was finally allowed, albeit in a much reduced form, about three hours later by the government. A moment bewildering political flutter, which neither Hollande nor Manuel Valls out not free: the first sees his weakened authority, the latter confirms its difficulty to settle

Since overflow and damage the sidelines of the event. June 14, the executive nevertheless seemed firmly encamped on the same line, that of the prohibition. Engaged in a mano a mano with Philippe Martinez and CGT, Manuel Valls had earlier brandished hypothesis authorized parades “case by case”. as its Hypothesis round Francois Hollande maintained, the Council of Ministers of June 16: “What happened is completely unacceptable. We are in a state of law and we will always respect the freedoms, the right to demonstrate and strike. But this can lead to attacks and damage to public property. We no longer allow such events if guarantees are not given. “

” historic Fault “

The government still hoped, Tuesday, June 21, a compromise with the unions: in this case, the formula …


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