Tuesday, June 21, 2016

More than one in two French is in favor of torture – Le Parisien

L es French accept more and more the use of torture. In the context of jihadist attacks in the country since January 2015, this trend progresses in the French population, according to a survey of Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture (ACAT), published on the occasion its annual report on the phenomenon of torture in the world.

Thus, 54% of French respondents regard as justified a police officer inflicted electric shocks to a person suspected of planting a bomb ready to explode to make her talk. There were only 34% in 2000 (CSA poll for Amnesty International). For 36% of respondents, it is acceptable “in certain cases” the use of torture, an increase of 11 points over 2000. And 18% of them would feel able to practice torture in exceptional cases. “We suspected that there was an acceptance of growing of torture in the context of the rise of terrorism, but we did not realize that evolution was dramatic,” says the CEO of the ‘Acat, Jean-Etienne de Linares.

“silencing and crush any revolt hint”

“compared to the absolute prohibited to torture, dikes give way one after the other: greater acceptability in public opinion, warrior speeches, complacency with regard to states that practice torture .. . from denial to denial, a soil is taking place and who knows what will happen if there is one, five, ten more attacks, “says Jean-Etienne de Linares. This development of a section of public opinion, seen as a “growing tolerance of the state practice of torture” goes with a misunderstanding of the phenomenon torturer, according to ACAT. “The French do not realize that a State is a State on two torturer used daily these methods to oppress its opponents and to confess to criminal suspects,” said Jean-Etienne de Linares.

“If torture is a daily practice in many countries, it is primarily because of poorly trained and poorly paid police officers use it as a method of investigation” in order to extract confessions and to “make the figure “note the authors. Torture does not, according to ACAT, to obtain reliable information, but it is very useful for authoritarian regimes that wish to terrorize their opponents: “Silencing and not to talk. Incredibly effective when it is not to get information, but to crush any hint of rebellion. “

The ACAT also observed the development over the last decade a new phenomenon: the torture of migrants carried by criminals for purposes of ransom, primarily in Sinai and Libya (for Eritreans, Ethiopians and Sudanese in particular), but also in Mexico, targeting migrants from Latin America. In the “houses of torture that have mushroomed” in the Sinai desert, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, thousands of migrants “are tortured in front of a phone connected to their families (…) by the executioners unscrupulous hoping to earn huge sums. “

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