The scientific police at the scene of the fatal shooting June 25, 2016 to Marseille – BERTRAND LANGLOIS / AFP

Marseille again shaken by a shootout. Two men were killed by fire from Kalashnikov and a girl of 14 years was seriously injured on the night of Friday to Saturday, in a city of northern Marseille.

The two men, whose identities were not revealed, were shot dead in their car in the parking lot of the Consolat city Musardises street in the 15th arrondissement of Marseille.

the teenager was hit as it was nearby, according to the police prefect Laurent Nunez. It was learned Saturday noon she would be made that day, but his prognosis was not engaged.

Sixteen dead in shootings in 2016

According to preliminary of the investigation, reported by AFP, the acts fall of a new settling of scores between clans of the cities of the northern districts. The attackers fled and a vehicle was found burned in a nearby town.

Since the beginning of the year, six people were shot dead in the city of Marseille.

This reckoning “is part of the long list of murders whose initial cause is the control plans of distribution of cannabis in Marseille,” responded the deputy PS patrick mennucci in a statement.

“open debate on the legalization of cannabis”

“the profitability of such trafficking is for the thugs to justify all excesses”, said the deputy, claiming again “to open the debate on the legalization of cannabis, only solution to eradicate trafficking “

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The final reckoning took place on June 15 in a city of the northern districts (13th arrondissement) where a 23 year old man was shot by several individuals, affected by a burst fire, police said.

still mid-June, two other people, a man of forty years and a man of twenty years were seriously injured by gunfire in two separate attacks in the cities of the 15th and 13th arrondissements of Marseille. In late May, a man was shot dead in his car, in the afternoon in the 15th arrondissement of the city while his two year old was at the rear of the vehicle.

rivalries between clans, linked to drug trafficking, were mentioned as being behind the killings or attempts in recent years.

Recently, the prosecutor of Marseilles Brice Robin, spoke of “22 cases of regulations or attempts to account” for over the last six years “Redmania the one side and the other Berrebouh-Tir.”

Director PJ Eric Arella was to his city from “18 made in recent years” related to the clan war between “Blacks and Gypsies.”

in the Bouches-du-Rhône, 22 settling of were counted in 2013, 26 in 2014 and 21 in 2015, killing 17 people in 2013, 18 in 2014 and 19 in 2015.

update 2:10 p.m.. adding statements patrick mennucci, updated health status of adolescent