Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hamza Attou, the accomplice of Abdeslam handed over to France – Le Figaro

One of the acolytes of Salah Abdeslam, who had participated in the return trip after the attacks in Paris, was indicted and jailed Wednesday in France, he was arrested on November 14 in Molenbeek .

Hamza Attou, who had exfiltrated Salah Abdeslam after the killings of 13 November in Paris and Saint-Denis, was transferred Wednesday to France where he was indicted and imprisoned. The Belgian of 22 years was handed over to French authorities “in execution of the European arrest warrant” issued against her late April by the French authorities said Thursday the Belgian federal prosecutor.

It was indicted on Wednesday for “concealment of perpetrator in relation to a terrorist enterprise” and imprisoned, announced his side the Paris prosecutor. Attou Hamza had gone to seek, with his friend Mohamed Amri, 27, also charged in this case, Salah Abdeslam, the only member of the Parisian commandos still alive in Paris on the evening of the attacks and brought him back to Brussels.

On the way back, the trio had tested three times by the French police, but had not been arrested.

Before the Belgian investigators, Attou Hamza explained that Salah Abdeslam phoned their November 13 to 23 hours, to come recover “because it had been an accident,” a source close folder. According to his declarations, have varied over the hearings, they knew that Salah Abdeslam had participated in the killings only after having joined. He said he was “the only survivor of the bombings” and added “they will pay for the death of my brother (Brahim, one of the kamikazes of Paris, ed.) I avenge myself, “reported Attou to investigators, the source said.

Abdeslam have also told him that his explosive belt did not work the evening of 13 November. Once in Brussels, Attou have accompanied the tenth man Parisian commandos in a market where it would have provided new clothes and haircut, where he “has shaved” and “cut hair” before bring joining a third man, Ali Oulkadi, which led to a cover of the Brussels commune of Schaerbeek.

Amri and Attu had been arrested on 14 November and charged Molenbeek in Belgium. Hamza Attou had opposed his transfer to France, but the Belgian court had given the green light in early June, on condition that he serve his possible sentence in Belgium.

Hamza Attou is the second suspect to be handed over to French justice as part of this investigation. Abdeslam Salah, who was arrested on March 18 in Molenbeek after the run for four months, was transferred to France on 27 April and indicted for terrorist assassinations. Since he is incarcerated in Fleury-Merogis and exercised his right to silence before the French investigating judges. The three other arrest warrants relate Mohamed Amri, Ali and Mohamed Oulkadi Bakkali, suspected to have played a role in the preparation of attacks in Paris.


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