Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Labour law: showdown next Thursday around the show – Le Figaro

In the morning, the prefecture has yet requested a “gathering static instead of the stated route” by unions who want to demonstrate Thursday, June 23

the labor law is still the subject of intense skirmish between the government and unions. These have indeed maintained their request scroll between Bastille and Nation on Thursday, despite the request of “a static gathering” of the prefecture. “We have to inform the prefecture that we maintain our demonstration application between Bastille and Nation,” said AFP Pascal Joly, secretary general of the CGT Ile-de-France. The initial application of the seven anti-labor unions was sent Thursday night.

“In this context of tension and recurrent clashes (…), the renewal alike a traveling event on June 23 does not appear possible,” Judge Meanwhile Bernard Cazeneuve . The Minister asked to “consider” the proposal of the police headquarters a gathering place of the Nation, made at the request of the Minister of Interior.

In fact, the prefecture asked the unions to organize a “gathering static instead of the stated route” to avoid violence. The goal is to “better manage and better secure the event and to ensure that there is less damage,” says the police headquarters. In other words, the event is not prohibited – for now – by the prefecture but the trajectory requested by the unions is not allowed. The prefecture always desired to favor the freedom to manifest but wants to ensure that security requirements are met. But the latest protests against the law work were not enough supervised by the law enforcement and many excesses and violence have marred them. “Since the protests began the order of the organizers services were regularly overwhelmed and were not able to keep violent elements outside processions” recalled Bernard Cazeneuve on Thursday. “The action of the security forces is found consistently slowed or hampered,” he said.

So the prefecture wants to avoid maximum overflows with a stationary rally. Moreover, according to a definition of the Prefecture a “manifestation is a group of people using the public way to express a collective will. If mobile is a procession, if this is still a rally. ”

Such gatherings are held regularly in the absence of security service capable of ensuring security, but these meetings are usually smaller than that which will be held on Thursday. However, negotiations between the prefecture and the unions are continuing.


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