Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Assembly rejects the receipt of “ethnic profiling” – L’Express

After two hours of a tense debate in the Chamber, the National Assembly rejected on Wednesday an experiment on the introduction of identity checks receipts. By 55 votes against 18, with six abstentions, MEPs rejected the amendments tabled by including the former minister Benoît Hamon and environmentalist joined the Socialist Group Eric Alauzet. This measure to fight against the “ethnic profiling” was defended by a party of the left, denied by the government and opposed to right.

What make socialist Barbara Romagnan “extremely sad” that “little sign” was not done. “Denial of Form,” lamented Christmas Mamère, seeing “pretty much the same scenario with the promise of François Mitterrand in 1981 on foreigners to vote in local elections.”

“There is no abuse, there are patterns”

More frequent identity checks of some, “just because they are black or North African origin “,” exist “, hammered or former socialists like Pouria Amirshahi, ex-environmentalists as Isabelle Attard, or Left Front. “There is no abuse, there are habits,” he told the former Minister of Justice, marylise lebranchu, the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve. “Ten years we work on the subject” and “everyone knows you will not find a more innovative device,” he told Benoît Hamon.

The rapporteurs Razzy Hammadi and Marie-Anne Chapdelaine, who had tabled an amendment in this sense, withdrew after a break. “Given the particular situation, we have to be responsible,” dropped the second. The first hinted at regret and said he, his family, “both officers and men and women who controls facies”.

Hollande’s campaign Undertaking

If recalled among other opportunities for referral to the General Inspectorate of Police face “shortcomings” the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve warned against a “theory of the consubstantiality of violence in the police.” He also stressed the “context” for the security forces, “highly mobilized and tired”, with the “heavy price to ensure the safety of the French”, including reference to assassinations of Magnanville.

Several speakers recalled the campaign pledge of candidate François Hollande, who promised to fight against “racial profiling” in identity checks by “a procedure that respects the citizens.” In late September 2012, the then Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced the abandonment of the project, saying “convinced” by his Interior Minister Manuel Valls “that it was not the right answer.”

Other European countries such as Britain or Spain, have implemented successfully receipts, according to several elected PS.


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