Monday, June 27, 2016

luxury shops robberies: ten arrests in Paris – Le Point

In full state of emergency, in the heart of Paris in luxury, in a capital that has never been as much under surveillance, serial robberies-lightning had struck the opinion in December and May. However, investigators have finally put a few weeks to identify and arrest the perpetrators. In total, ten people were arrested Monday morning by the suppression of banditry brigade of the Paris police, supported by men of the brigade research and intervention. All suspects were taken into custody.

A Chopard shop near the Elysee

In December, a few weeks after the dramatic attacks in November, the Chopard shop, yet located close to the Elysee, was attacked without violence. Police sources suggested a prejudice then approaching the million. The thief, aged forty, “with good” and “not arousing attention,” according to a police source, was presented to the shop and had simply made open the door to entry by employees.

“takes some aplomb and forelock [to] try and pass such a blow at this time,” confided a police source, while robberies were declining due to increased patrolling of police and military. Indeed, the contested luxury jewelery was located rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, near the Elysee. This is one of the most protected areas of the capital, where security has been further strengthened since the establishment of the state of emergency. Yet, we know little, if police are present in numbers in the neighborhood, however, those assigned to protect official buildings are not supposed to leave their faction in cases of assault or robbery.

Three shops in weeks

A few months later, in March, another boutique Chopard, Place Vendome, near the Ministry of Justice, in turn, had been robbed. Using an automatic pistol and a grenade, two men came face uncovered, had carried luxury jewelry before taking flight on foot.

In late April, a fashion boutique Chanel located close to the Champs Elysées was the target of a burglary in the ram-raiding. Its facade was hit by a 4 × 4 in the morning and the thieves had stolen several purses, before fleeing scooter. On May 19, it was the turn of three armed men including shotguns pointing a luxury boutique Chanel Joaillerie Avenue Montaigne, famous street of luxury shops of the capital, before taking flight with more booty hundreds of thousands of euros.


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