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  • The demonstration against labor law organized Thursday by seven unions was authorized by the Ministry of Interior
  • the course of the event, decided by Bernard Cazeneuve, will make a little over a kilometer
  • Tuesday evening, the prefect Paris police had decided to ban the rally
  • for several days, the government, and especially Manuel Valls showed a determination to ban the trade union demonstration

4:10 p.m. – Trade unions call for a parliamentary inquiry into the violence in the protests

the CGT with FSU, Solidaires, SAF, UNEF, LDIFs, UNL and LDH require the opening of a parliamentary inquiry “on the choices made by the interior Ministry as to maintain order during the protests.” According to them, “many demonstrators suffered serious malfunctions”.

The unions also criticize the behavior of police officers towards the rioters’ procession of head content without ever being neutralized by the police. ” The organizations recall that police unions have already denounced late instructions

15.30 -. Manuel Valls called the organizers to respect “commitments”

It is a serene Prime Minister who intervened in the afternoon during question time in the national assembly. While some believe that permission to demonstrate is a disavowal Manuel Valls , the latter assured that “everything was done on the side of government, I said, from the President the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior together to allow this democratic expression. “

in return, the prime minister insisted:” Everyone will have to show greater responsibility. ”

15 hours – a procession that will be framed from the beginning to the end

the path chosen by the Interior Ministry for Thursday’s event is extremely short – 1.6 kilometers – which will allow law enforcement frame the procession from start to end . A procession will be quite narrow, leaving little room for thugs to take action.

On this path, little shops and banks but mainly bars. Only instead of the Bastille would be complicated to secure. A police station, one of the fourth district, is also located on the plot. It should be closed and no police car will be parked outside. A CRS company could also be deployed to secure the area.

According to our information, two Parisian intervention companies, rest, have already been recalled in reinforcement.

14.40 -” it does no good to climb the towers, “recalled the spokesman of the Socialist party

on the side of the socialist party, it also welcomes the compromise reached between the government and unions . “I am pleased that a solution had been found and that the right to protest could be ensured and at the same time this is done on the layout of the interior minister,” said Razzy Hammadi, the holder word of the PS.

“it does no good to climb the towers as we have not exhausted all channels of dialogue,” he continues.

2:20 p.m. – “I fear for us policemen, there a lot of people,” said the Alliance union

Multiplication missions, postponement of holidays . .. the police unions had called for additional resources or postponement of the event. “Banning would automatically employed many more police officers,” said Frederic Lagache on BFM TV, the Alliance union.

“We’ll have to perform this mission, but it will not be a mission flawlessly because we can not be on all fronts,” he explains, “fearing that has a lot of people. ” “I also fear that around this event that brings the wacky one knows, including breakers,” recalls Frédéric Lagache

2:10 p.m. -. “The government should resume talks” , claims Pierre Laurent

the Secretary of the Communist Party has welcomed the government’s decision. “There was an about-face from the government and all the better,” said Pierre Laurent, calling the decision to ban the manifestation of “authoritarian” and “irresponsible” .

for the boss of the PCF, discussions on the substance of the Labour law text must now resume. . “Behind all this, there is a lock on the Labour Law,” he recalls. Ensuring that it “will not shed tears” if Manuel Valls leaving Matignon

14 hours. – “No spills, no violence will be tolerated,” insists Bernard Cazeneuve

the Interior Minister held a brief press conference after authorizing the unions to protest Thursday. Recalling all the discussions that preceded this decision, Bernard Cazeneuve has assured that “no overflow, no violence will be tolerated.”

On several occasions, the Minister Interior cited the name of the President and the Prime Minister, a way to show that “the government is united”, analysis Damien Fleurot, political journalist of BFMTV


1:20 p.m. – the authorization to demonstrate, “a victory for democracy and the unions”

Philippe Martinez , the leader of the CGT, welcomed after obtaining permission to demonstrate. For him, it is “a victory for unions and democracy.”

“This is u only victory for trade union unity and a disavowal Manuel Valls,” outbid Eric Coquerel, the Left Party.

1:05 p.m. – Philippe Martinez asked François Hollande to meet unions

“the president has no alternative but to unite trade unions and youth very quickly,” Philippe Martinez assured, minutes after having obtained permission to demonstrate against the bill Thursday. The leader of the CGT asked the president to receive “very quickly” the unions about labor law

12:55 -. The route decided by the Ministry of the Interior

the unions will have to follow a course decided by the Department of the Interior. The procession will manifest on a plot of just over a kilometer from the Bastille. The protesters will leave the Bastille turn around the port of Arsenal before returning to the starting point.

This is a course “more secure,” said Jean-Claude Mailly, leader of FO

12:50 -. the unions have received permission to demonstrate on Thursday in Paris

the unions opposed the labor law finally have “ obtained the right “to protest Thursday in Paris” on a route proposed by the Minister of the Interior “, from the Place de la Bastille to the Arsenal basin, said the leader of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, told a news conference.

the unions also obtained permission to demonstrate on June 28 in a manner to be determined later.

12:35 – “Our civil liberties are a valuable commodity,” said Christiane Taubira

the former Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira said Wednesday on Twitter that the freedoms public were a “precious” deserving “more to be saved” after the decision to ban the trade union demonstration on Thursday.
“Conquered, our civil liberties are precious and deserve more to be saved and carried manifdu23juin # ChT “tweeted Christiane Taubira

12.30 -. The leader of FO ensures that” no alternative “was found

There has been “intensive discussions with the minister to try to find a solution, we did not this time,” said Jean-Claude Mailly. The leader of the Force Ouvriere and the CGT are received by the Interior Minister to try to find a solution for organizing a protest Thursday against the Labour Law.

12:20 – the CFE-CGC expressed his “disappointment” and “concern”

the CFE-CGC responded Wednesday ban on demonstrations Thursday in Paris against labor law expressing “disappointment and concern” at a decision for a “crystallization of postures, dangerous for democracy”

12.15 -. Holland asks that the security conditions are met:

Francois Hollande warned Wednesday that the Council of Ministers until the conditions were not met, permission to demonstrate in Paris on Thursday against the labor law would not be granted, reported government spokesman Stephane Le Foll told reporters.

“as long as conditions are not met -conditions safety, protection of property and persons- is true that the permission is not given, “said Stephane Le Foll quoting the head of state in the minutes of the Council.


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