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“Brexit” when voting results will they be known? – The world

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A Romford, East London, June 23

in the UK, voters are asked to vote Thursday, June 23 referendum on the output or not the United Kingdom of the European Union. Polling stations opened this morning at 7 am (8 am French time) and will close at 22 pm (23 pm in France). The outcome of this election, historic for the country and for the European Union, is eagerly awaited. Here is the place of the election night of the referendum on the “Brexit.”

The voting ends at 22 hours (23 pm French time). None of the exit poll will be given. The YouGov reveal, after the close of business, a survey online and not to the exit polls. It is therefore considered as much as insignificant. Some banks in the City also conduct polls today, but they are to their employees and will not be made public.

Clear trend from 4am

It was not until midnight (1 pm French time) for the first results, insignificant, Gibraltar and the Isles of Scilly. Results from London will also be announced soon, to 00 h 45 (1 h 45 French time), but will not be representative either – the vote in the capital should be heavily favorable to “REMAIN” ( or “in”, maintaining the UK in the EU).

According to the analysis of JP Morgan’s camp of the “rEMAIN” should stay ahead of results to about 3 am (4 pm in Paris), regardless of the final outcome of the election. At this stage, this is the percentage of votes that will give an indication of the results of the referendum. If the vote “Leave” (or “out”) is between 45 and 50%, this will be the sign of a close result

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around 4 pm to 5 pm (local time), a clear trend is expected to emerge as most of precinct results are known. Another indicator, the reaction of financial markets at risk of dropping in case of advance for the camp “Leave”.

The count in Northern Ireland and Birmingham will be given to 4 hours (5 pm French time). An hour later should be proclaimed the results for Glasgow and Liverpool. If at this time the trend is still not clear, the countdown Leeds to 6 h , could be decisive.

final result after 7 pm

The latest counts will be announced 7 hours (8 pm in France). Except in case of deviation too tight, Jenny Watson, chair of the electoral commission will announce the final results from the Manchester Town Hall. Our correspondent Enora Ollivier is on site.

As for the participation rates , no estimates either before the close of polling stations. A trend will be announced in the evening. According to Philippe Bernard, the London correspondent for Le Monde , “the higher the rate, the higher it will be favorable to” remain “. It was 66.4% in the 2015 parliamentary and the camp “remain” hope over 70%. “

But the weather could weigh on participation, especially in the region London and the South East of England, hit by violent storms that might influence the movement of voters.


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