The black boxes (which are in fact orange) flight Egyptair presented by the Egyptian authorities. – HO / MEDIA CENTER OF THE EGYPTIAN MINISTRY OF CIVIL AVIATION / AFP

the black box has spoken. Repaired successfully in France on Monday, the memory card containing the recording of the flight parameters of the EgyptAir Airbus that crashed in the Mediterranean on May 19 confirmed that alerts indicating smoke were triggered before the crash, said Wednesday a commission of inquiry headed by the Egyptians.

“the recorded data confirm the alerts automated device communications (Acars) to smoke in the toilet “and to the front of the cabin, the commission said in a statement. This black box recorded flight data from the flight departure to Paris until he “disappears at altitude 37,000 feet (11,250 meters),” she added. This information could reinforce the hypothesis of a technical failure to explain the crash, after Egypt had initially raised the possibility of an attack.

“Signs of deterioration due to high temperatures”

the MS804 flight from Paris to Cairo crashed May 19 between Crete and the northern coast of Egypt after suddenly disappeared from radar screens, for reasons still undetermined, with 66 people board including 40 Egyptians -30 passengers and 10 crew-members and 15 French.

the day after the crash, the US media had reported the onset of a warning on a smoke of unknown origin the front of the cabin, followed by another reporting a failure of the computer managing the flight controls. “Parts of the front of the aircraft show signs of deterioration due to high temperature and soot,” said the commission of inquiry headed by the Egyptians.

Black boxes ” cuts “

the two black boxes of the Airbus A320, which should help determine the causes of the disaster, had been fished mid-June between Crete and the northern coast of Egypt. The Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), which concerns the conversations in the cockpit, and the Flight Data Recorder (FDR), were “in pieces”.

Their memory cards were illegible and they had been sent by Egypt to France to be repaired there. After being made readable, the data of one of them, the Flight Data Recorder, had been referred Tuesday to Cairo to be “deciphered and studied” the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

the French investigators of investigation and analysis (BEA) started on Tuesday the work to make it readable memory of the second black box, the TRC, containing conversations of the flight.

in France, a judicial inquiry was opened for “involuntary homicide”, according to prosecutors who had initiated a preliminary investigation on 19 May a conventional procedure due to the presence of French citizens among the victims.