Image taken June 14, 2016 a video site Aamaq News Agency showing Larossi Abballa claim the murders on camera. – AFP

The video in which Larossi Abballa claims
 the murder of the couple of policemen in Magnanville would she have been cut?

This same argument Tuesday Express on its website.

three sequences cut

According to the weekly, three sequences were cut before the video claim of the killer, tour the homes of his victims, is broadcast the next day of the facts QAMA agency , close to the jihadists Daesh.

The original video, Express could see, lasts 13 minutes and 16 seconds. In these images, Larossi Abballa
 claims his crime, allegiance to the organization of the Islamic State and
 threat to individuals or professions.

They were broadcast on the evening of double murder by the French 25 via Live Facebook application. According to David Thomson, journalist expert in jihadism, which was part of Facebook friends of the young man, “the video has been seen by 98 people before being removed 11 hours after its release.”

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The version broadcast by QAMA, it lasts only 11 minutes and 46 seconds

<. h2> missing sequences “less to the advantage Abballa”?

the weekly says he could watch the 90 seconds expire. The three missing sequences would be “less to the advantage Abballa” says Express , which questioned experts who have also viewed the images.

One of the sequences cut in the middle of the video, while Larossi Abballa speaks for nearly six minutes. He repeats that he killed “a police officer and his wife.” On non-broadcast pictures man then turns the camera to the couch behind him, on which sits the couple’s son. “Behind me there is the small. I do not know yet what I will do with him, “said Larossi Abballa, before resuming his monologue.

Another cut passing also concerns Mathieu, the little boy of three years. Jihadist mocks the sentence pronounced by François Hollande in November 2015: “France will be ruthless with the barbarians of Daesh”. “I was ruthless with this policeman and his wife,” replies Larossi Abballa. The video cut when he adds: “And tell you, I still have a small”

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For a police senior source quoted by the weekly, “he (Larossi Abballa) may have had a final burst of humanity. Slaughter a kid, this is the ultimate horror. At the time of the attack, it is in Magnanville, in a civilized environment, not in Syria. ” And David Thomson added, “it is indeed possible that the point of view of IE, it is a weakness to show that the child was spared.”

“I do not want of … hum “

the last sequence is missing at the end of video, says Express . Larossi Abballa seems to hesitate when it comes to call the other fanatics to “invoke Allah” for he achieves the status of martyr. He launched “I confess, I do not feel like … um,” but does not finish his sentence. Then he seems to recover, says he is ready for the assault of the Raid and cut the camera

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“Abballa seems to panic internally. He swallowed many, struggling to stop talking. As if realizing that no longer exist once the recording is complete. He knows this is his last acts on earth while he tries to gain time, “analyzes the anti-terrorism police source from the weekly.

Meanwhile, David Thomson posits that has Daesh cut this last sequence because it would be “irrelevant”. “You hear indeed sniff and swallow. I would not say it is uncomfortable. especially we understand that it has finished reading his speech, he seeks his words, he has nothing to say, “he says.