Monday, June 27, 2016

The personal data of 112,000 police fuitent internet – Midi Libre

L e CEO of the National Police deplores “an unacceptable incident” after the launch in about two weeks.

The personal data of 112,000 police officers were posted in about two weeks on the internet via a file protected by a password, do we learned Monday judicial source, “unacceptable incident” to the Director General of the national Police Jean-Marc Falcone. This data – addresses, contact information and phone numbers – belong to the 112,000 members of the general mutual Police (PMM), active or retired police officers and their families. According to the first elements of the investigation, the author of this misuse of data is an employee of a subcontractor of mutual, in conflict with his employer about an unpaid premium, told AFP Gilbert Emery, prosecutor Limoges, confirming a report by RTL.

data 15 days online

the investigation was triggered by a ” complaint by the President of the mutual filed June 23 in Toulouse “and” has just started, “Mr. Emery has indicated, adding that the floor of Toulouse was removed from the case in favor of that of Limoges, where “assumed the employee indelicate” committed the facts. This investigation was opened for “fraudulent extraction and transmission of data from an automated processing system” and will be entrusted to the police Limoges, who could benefit from the help of specialized police officers in this type of crime. “According to the first elements of the case, the private information of police officers were posted on (the data storage service, ie) Google Drive on June 3, and have been removed in the wake of the opening of inquiry . all in all, the data has been online for just over a fortnight, “said the prosecutor of Limoges.

Not sure that a third party is had access

“Presumably the site where the data was stored was less secure than the software used by the mutual, but nothing so far no evidence that a third party could access the data, who also were protected by a password, “he added. For the general director of the national police, Jean-Marc Falcone, however, this is an “unacceptable incident.” “I call on all institutions and agencies in charge of personal data management of the national police to take all necessary security measures,” he told AFP. This case raise concerns about the personal data protection officers after the double murder of a policeman and his girlfriend on June 13 in their home in Magnanville (Yvelines) is a jihadist claiming the organization Islamic State (EI) .

Emotion in the ranks of the police

Four days later, President Francois Hollande promised measures to “guarantee anonymity “policemen outside their service and” therefore their protection. ” The prosecutor Limoges said “understand the emotion of the police in the current environment, and especially after the statements by the President on the need to protect their data.” But “for now, in this case, only appeared no direct harm to any of the officials concerned,” he said. In a statement, the PGE estimates that the employee suspected of being behind the leak has “acted contrary to all professional standards and violated the internal security rules that protect our data,” “likely driven by personal motivations and the clear intention to harm the mutual and its members. ” “Steps have been taken to increase the security of data,” including “limit extractions of data coordinates of the members of the mutual, now subject to enhanced oversight,” said mutual.


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