Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sarkozy puts the “nation” in the heart of his campaign – Le Figaro

During a speech near Lille, future candidate for the primary has delivered a plea for “popular sovereignty”, denouncing the “communitarianism” and the “tyranny of minorities “.

Special Envoy to Saint-André-lez-Lille

three months months the kick-off of the primary right, Nicolas Sarkozy delivered his first oration virtually candidate. A speech on France seized by the “doubt” and should not be lulled “by renunciation” has he said, citing de Gaulle several times. Forty parliamentarians had traveled to Saint-André-lez-Lille, in the suburbs of Lille, Baroin Eric Woerth and Christian Jacob. One notable absence, that of Xavier Bertrand, President of the region Hauts-de-France, where the National Front seismic wave was the highest in the last regional elections.

Nearly 1,000 activists made the trip to support the one who does not hide his intention to run. In a room without decorum, Nicolas Sarkozy was placed, without ever naming it, opponents of Alain Juppé. He wanted to stand out from his future rival by claiming for itself the national theme. A Juppé he described, “as some on the right, touched by the sweet melody of” reasonable accommodation “” with identity claims of the Muslim community.

For this first appointment pre-election, Nicolas Sarkozy took the Gare du Nord train, where cameras and elected officials were waiting. Among them, the most visible was Baroin, whose rallying this weekend prepared this mobilization sequence. In a speech “in writing and reread collectively,” according to his family. Henri Guaino was also absent, and Nicolas Sarkozy seemed intimidated to risk, being the only author in this exercise of oration. The very calm voice, and not seeking the stage effects, it appointed the new enemy of the day: “the tyranny of the minority” that dictate the law to the silent majority. In a long litany, he has listed “A handful of students that block a high school of zadistes blocking the construction of an airport, traveling people blocking a highway thugs blocking a refinery of ‘Islamic radicals hijack a neighborhood. “He called on the people to” stand up against the shambles. ” A “shambles” which he blamed the CGT.

“The post-national ideology has gradually abolished the unity of the people beyond its differences”

for this very solemn speech broadcast live on Facebook – 35,000 people watched it, according to his family – he has stressed that all firmness measurements, such as “prohibiting sailing, defense of secularism (…), will be in vain unless we are reconnecting with our project as a nation. ” A project which assumes that everyone assumes the history of this country, membership of a “Christian tradition”. It has many denounced the post-national ideology, “which makes the nation a legal structure” which can now grow a “multicultural society”, indifferent to the history and culture of the nation. “An ideology that has gradually abolished the unity of the people beyond its differences,” Sarkozy condemned. Harking back to a part of its strategy in 2012, and even that of 2007, he presented himself as the advocate of the people killed by “a part of the elite, the cultural left.” He nevertheless reaffirmed as essential to national identity two principles: equality between men and women and freedom of expression. He has held that “the right to criticize the beliefs, doctrines, ideologies, (was) imprescriptible”. However, he refused the “decline of nationalism” of the National Front, mentioned only once in this election Marine Le Pen earth, to reaffirm, in silence, there would always be a “red line” between him and the leaders of the National Front.

in concluding, Nicolas Sarkozy, who had previously denounced “the lies of François Hollande” has challenged the ruling regime, without naming him. “What a terrible mess, with such low interest rates, a competitive oil prices, to have such a low growth!” Was sorry he, resuming his account the values ​​that already were his he ten years ago, on the eve of the 2007 campaign: He has added two more specific promises “authority, work and merit.”: “. lower taxes and the end zones of lawlessness” Everyone l ‘be clear that this speech not far from the birthplace of General de Gaulle was the first act of an announced candidacy: “it is the purpose of my back with you in this fight for the rebirth of France “did he concluded, before dinner Chez Jaja, a brewery Lille with party representatives.


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