Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Before Euro 2016, the police will be equipped with more powerful drones – Le Figaro

Equipped with a high definition camera, the new equipment must be deployed in less than five minutes. Above all, they must be “difficult to detect hearing how”

extended a state of emergency and Euro 2016. Two situations that decide the prefecture Paris police to expand its drone fleet. Le Parisien revealed that tenders had been issued for “professional mini-drones” for purposes of “aerial surveillance missions at low altitude.” A device that would be added to the 1,200 cameras of the plan of “video protection” of the capital.

The police department has already experienced lighter drones, at COP 21 last December, and more recently, at the impressive simulation of a terrorist attack at the gare Montparnasse, on the night of 19 to 20 April. During this joint exercise between the GIGN and Raid, the Brigade of repression and Intervention (BRI) of the PP had used one of these drones.

When contacted by Agence France-Presse, the police headquarters confirmed that after a “test phase”, she had decided “the acquisition of drones and this process is still ongoing,” without specifying the number of planned devices. According to the order book of new equipment, drones, equipped with a high definition camera and a thermal camera will have “at least six electric motors” and do not exceed 10 kilos. The technical requirement for future UAV being very high, the police headquarters would be given a very sophisticated equipment.

The new drones must be deployed in less than five minutes and must above all be “difficult to detect aurally. ” They should be able to fly over thirty minutes with a charge of a kilo. They are “intended to be used outdoors for low altitude aerial surveillance missions,” and will be driven to a kilometer away. The market is estimated at 429,600 euros and includes the formation of “unmanned.”


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