Saturday, April 23, 2016

Night Stand: after the incidents, the prefecture talks tough – Le Figaro

The damage occurred last night on the sidelines of the movement, 12 people were taken into custody. Alcohol will be banned tonight Republic Square. Offenses “be prosecuted and punished,” said the prefecture.

• Alcohol banned from 19h

the consumption of alcohol is prohibited during the nights of Saturday and Sunday near the Place de la Republique in Paris, where the movement is installed Night Stand, to avoid “excesses” announced police headquarters.

on Saturday and Sunday from 19h until 7am, consumption, possession and transportation of alcoholic beverages are forbidden around the place of the Republic, except in licensed premises, according to an order issued Saturday by the chief of police.

the detention of glass bottles and takeaway sales of alcohol is also prohibited in this area. Offenses “be prosecuted and punished,” the statement said.

The police department has justified the measure by the “many recorded regularly overflows during the dispersal of the movement” Night Stand. “These abuses and the deterioration can be favored by the consumption of alcohol, which encourages the passage to the act of often violent groups of individuals, who do not hesitate to use glass containers as weapons,” said the prefecture.

“the police commissioner finds renewal and escalation of acts of violence after the gathering of the ‘Night Stand’ (…) despite numerous set sent guard organizers and participants, “reads the communiqué of the prefecture.

• 12 people in custody

in the night Friday to Saturday, clashes erupted a hundred people to the police on the Republic square on the sidelines of this citizen movement that is installed there since late March. Twelve people were arrested and placed in custody include “participation in a crowd and throwing projectiles,” according to the police headquarters. “These will be the subject of appropriate legal action,” said the prefecture.

According to police, “a hundred individuals formed in procession headed towards the Boulevard du Faubourg Saint-Martin” around 0:15. The security forces, which have managed to maintain the square, the projectiles were then pelted. A police car parked nearby was “deliberately burned and totally destroyed” .A police car was burned and four vehicles, two of RATP and two police, were damaged by thrown projectiles says the prefecture in a statement.

“Until 2 and despite the call for dispersal by the police, the clashes have multiplied against officials requiring the tear gas, “said the prefecture, adding that the clashes had caused no injuries.

These incidents occurred after a week of quiet around the Republic Square, the scene of nightly clashes repeatedly in recent weeks when wild side events Night of motion standing on the square since March 31st. Last week, on the night of Friday to Saturday, while the rally Night Stand was ending, a hundred people had thrown and burned pallets and trash before throwing projectiles at police. They were dispersed and arrested 21 people.

The movement “night stand” began on March 31, in the evening a protest against the proposed reform of the Labour Code, and now gives aims to converge disparate struggles. Since the beginning of the movement it three weeks ago, 36 people were arrested on the fringes of Night standing, 35 were taken into custody had told police headquarters on Saturday.


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