Thursday, April 28, 2016

Death of Alexia: Oleron, unhealthy comedy “exemplary comrade” – L’Express

“The alleged murderer of Alexia is not from Oléron but the continent,” warns immediately Pascal Cutter. The mayor of Saint-Trojan-les-Bains (Charente-Maritime) would like to preserve the image of its common, usually unaccustomed to the bloody dramas. This Thursday, the high school student arrested in the investigation into the death of the young 15 year old girl, disappeared in February and found dead a month later, was indicted for murder. He will be transferred to a juvenile facility.

As Alexia P., 16, was educated at maritime educational Experimental Centre in Oleron (CEPMO). This property offers a “personalized education” students with academic or social dropouts and those refusing to traditional education. But unlike the victim, the young man did not grow up here. “Like many students of this school, he had a rental Oléron but was not native to the island. He had reached the last entry and was second in class Alexia, “said the town councilor in L’Express.

“An outburst of violence” “

In custody, P . is passed quickly confessed. He Alexia admitted having struck repeatedly in the face, having strangled then stabbed with a knife, “especially the throat and stomach.” “After seeing the death of the minor, he dug the ground with bare hands in order to put the body, which he concealed under branches, “explains counsel for la Rochelle, Isabelle Pagenelle, in a statement.

the rampage was triggered for a trivial reason. According to his statement the young man was taken “an attack of violence” because Alexia has rejected her advances at the end of a discussion away from other students CEPMO. the suspect has no psychiatric history or legal but “has a strong addiction to cannabis,” according to prosecutors.

“Alexia had no interest in this kid”

P. and Alexia had known little and were related to Facebook. During a press conference on Thursday, the mother of the girl explained that her daughter had “a conflict” with his comrade in the past, without specifying the nature. However, it ensures that the latter was neither her boyfriend nor a suitor. “She had no interest in the boy,” insisted Christelle R.

source close to the case, investigators were on the trail of a suspect in the school from the beginning of investigations. The arrest of the young man was even scheduled for a week. “Wait three months before an arrest, this may seem long but it was necessary certainties. The gendarmes were well conducted the investigation and all elements converge early on towards the close entourage of Alexia, to a camera,” says this source.

According to Le Parisien , the inconsistencies in the testimony of P. would put a flea in the ear of the investigators. And telephone Alexia and her headphones were found in his possession, completing of confusing.

“This is passed to an exemplary comrade”

Throughout the three months of investigation, the behavior of P. was troubling normality. The juvenile continued to go to school every day without arousing suspicion faculty and peers. “Everybody knew” slips a source within the CEPMO, where the familiarity between students and teachers is essential. “It’s very disturbing. During this period, he has left nothing transpire either in behavior or speech. He pretends to be an exemplary comrade,” adds Pascal Cutter.

On his Facebook page, where it shows a chubby face, P. also saved appearances. On February 4, he published Alexia research notification with the words “This is important.” On March 13, shortly after the discovery of the remains of the teenager, he wrote: “Rest in peace, we will miss you terribly” with a smiley in heart shape. Between the two dates, the young man excitedly announces a trip to Amsterdam. Our source close to the deal says it has also participated in the white march in tribute to Alexia.

Faced with so casually, the mother of the young woman did not hide his anger and disgust. “He continued his quiet life, to party, to smile, to cross me, as if nothing had happened,” she fumed to reporters. Before warning, as if she feared that the young man has a special treatment because of his minority: “There is no excuse, it’s just creepy.”


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