Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Republic Square, the exasperated residents standing by Night – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Residents and traders protesting against sound and denounce the damage caused by vandalism and clashes between protesters and CRS on the sidelines of the movement. Some retailers complain of a decline in sales.

On the Place de la Republique in Paris, it was quicker to count the fronts intact, three weeks after the beginning of the movement up Night. The shop windows of the square are studded impacts of projectiles or contaminated by tags. ATMs are repainted, and fronts covered banks enrollment. The proliferation of nuisance and vandalism on the sidelines of Night standing annoys residents and traders, who are beginning to know. “Our window was already broken three times,” Johann irritated, Head Brewery Tavern at the corner of the square and the boulevard Voltaire. “While sunny days come back, we had to evacuate the terrace repeatedly requested CRS who were preparing to load …” Added to this is the ongoing parade of people who ask to use the toilet. “Three times a day is finally cleaned to keep them presentable,” says Johann.

Similar stories are multiplying all over the place. April 10, projectiles break the veranda of the King’s Café in full service. The debris collapsing inside the restaurant, while guests are seated. Two days later, the porch is destroyed again, but at night this time. On April 21, four individuals on the margins of Night standing borrow an emergency door and climb on the roof of the Crowne Plaza, a four star hotel which overlooks the square. Conclusion: the fourth floor and tagged a few breaks in addition to a broken window a week earlier in clashes between riot police and demonstrators. Last Friday, the owner of a testing laboratory found the sidewalk on its front littered with broken glass and shrapnel to his door that looks like, he said, a projectile impact of small arms.

most traders agree to observe a decline in activity in recent weeks. “I have not yet made the statements, but I think my client has been halved this month,” says Isaac Levy, manager of a franchise Optic 2000 which overlooks the square. It opens a workbook in which it records its receipts from rents, “Look how much I pay quarterly … It is impossible to get by in these conditions,” he says. He just sent a letter to his landlord to request a move.

“For us, the nuisance does not come as participants Night standing as movements that piggyback around,” cautions Jean-Pierre Olivier, president of the association of traders in the Republic square. “Some people have unacceptable behavior. They inveigh, drink and assume the right to play music all night, “he says.

As many nuisances that are not saving local residents. “All the sounds come to us,” irritated an economics professor. “They spend their music until 6am. I have a toddler who does most nights, he fell ill. “Since the beginning of the movement, the association Vivre le Marais, fighting against noise pollution, saves new memberships. “In addition to the nightly nuisance, there are others to be endured in the early morning when the place is cleaned by the city services,” adds Gerard Simonet, president of the association. Other residents point out safety problems caused by clashes between protesters and CRS. “You end up being afraid to go out at night,” says a woman whose apartment overlooks the square. “I thought we were in a state of emergency …” At the town hall of Paris, it pleads appeasement. “It has improved a lot these days,” says one to the communication service. “We look at each critical remark, but as far cohabitation is going pretty well. There was a fairly delicate stage two weeks earlier, but currently, there is a decline in public disorder. “


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