Thursday, April 28, 2016

Marseille: he brandished a weapon for a bus, 3 master the legionnaires and deliver it to the police – TF1

A man who brandished a gun collection and threatened the passengers of a bus to Marseille has been “neutralized” Wednesday by three Legionnaires off, which the then handed over to the font did on Thursday, police said.
about 2200 on Wednesday after a report of a person threatening and armed in a bus, police “led a crew” in the 14th arrondissement of Marseille, said the Provincial directorate of public security (DDSP).
“Archiconnu” police services
once there, the police realize that the individual was threatening already been put out of harm’s way, “three legionnaires have designated off an individual stating that the person had threatened to kill without reason all the passengers of the bus “and out of his belt a handgun, according DDSP.
” the three legionaries intervened and ‘neutralized, “said the source, adding that the weapon was a gun collection already neutralized and had no charger or ammunition. “It was much quieter after the intervention of military ” quipped a source close to the investigation.
The man, aged 41, and “archiconnu “the police, was taken into custody.

VIDEO ARCHIVE 2013. In training with foreign legionnaires


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