Friday, April 22, 2016

Night Stand: A man attempts suicide Republic Square – Express

The tragedy was narrowly avoided. A man in his fifties tried Thursday night to end her life by setting herself on fire near the statue of the Republic Square in Paris, reports Le Parisien . The places are known to be the gathering point for weeks, the movement Night Stand, born of opposition to El-Khomri law.

“Let me die, I am a victim of injustice”

According to the daily, the individual would have screamed “Let me die, I am a victim of injustice “before lighting a fire near his clothing, which seemed previously coated with a flammable product. According to Europe 1, the burning lasted only twenty seconds. Witnesses around and police were able to extinguish the home. “The person did not seem badly burned when she was evacuated,” the radio while Le Parisien evokes a man “constantly aware”.

As reported by this user on Twitter, the individual was subsequently supported by firefighters and was transferred to hospital.


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