Tuesday, April 26, 2016

For Sarkozy, the participants standing Night are “people who have nothing in the brain” – Le Monde

Nicolas Sarkozy on April 26 in Nice.

President of Republicans, Nicolas Sarkozy, in an election meeting in Nice, Tuesday, April 26, lashed Night participants standing, especially in the Paris branch of the movement that has invested the Republic square:

“We can not accept that people who have nothing in the brain come to the place of the Republic give lessons to French democracy. “

Present to support the candidate LR Marine Brennier, which is in the 22 and 29 May in a by-election in the 5 th District Alpes-Maritimes , the former head of state warned that “the country’s situation is much more serious than what we say.”

“There are French youth educated in France who have come to hate France, there is a state of emergency there has thugs every night instead of the Republic. One fire, burning it violates the state’s authority. “

The meeting was held in the open air, the sound of a pan concert organized by local activists of the movement Night standing massed outside the park where s ‘speaking Nicolas Sarkozy.

Call for the evacuation of seats

Since the early gatherings Night standing, most personalities party Republicans sought evacuation places. Monday, April 18, after a weekend marked by 21 arrests in the night from Friday to Saturday but also by the general assemblies much calmer, Brigitte Kuster, spokesman of the party, had put pressure on the executive and compared the movement to a “Woodstock where there is not the word that is released but also violence” .

Since the beginning of the movement, the candidate primary Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet is the only one to have expressed his desire to visit Republic square, accusing the right to have the “contempt” for this movement.

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