Saturday, April 23, 2016

Four men suspected of recruiting girls for prostitution on the internet have been jailed – TF1

They have recruited young girls on the internet for the purpose of prostitution in a hotel in Malakoff ( Hauts-de-Seine ): four men aged 19 to 25 have was indicted Thursday for aggravated procuring and imprisoned, did we learned Saturday, April 23 from sources.
All are suspected of kidnapping and one of them rape on a girl of 16 years, causing the revelation of the case, said a judicial source.
latter went to complain to the police on April 17 explaining she escaped from the hotel where she was locked up for two days by the men she had met on the internet told this source. One suspect had promised to the victim, “a break with his family,” to “take care of her,” she added.
Two men came for the 14 April to the release of her high school, and had led in the hotel of Malakoff, where she says she was threatened and raped. They had “the intention of the prostitute,” she told investigators, according to a police source.

Police Tour
On the day of the complaint, the police go in hotel question, where are always suspicious, said the same source.
Three other girls, who seem prostitution but “do not speak” the investigators are also present in other rooms hotel, said the judicial source.
one said she prostituted herself to his account, another be assured with a friend, according to police sources.

cash, and the chip of a mobile phone number corresponding to an advertisement on the internet were also found on site.

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