Friday, April 29, 2016

Paris Fair: these objects that make life easier – Le Parisien

What is the common point between the ballpoint pen, the contact lenses and the washing machine with an electric motor? The Foire de Paris! For all these innovations were presented for the first time at this event.

This Friday opens the 112 th edition of the Fair of Paris * and like every year the 560,000 expected visitors will walk down the aisle looking for the gadget or innovation that will revolutionize the daily.

for ten days, grand prize pace of innovation and the competition Lépine, inventors and young entrepreneurs will present their creations and share their knowledge. The Foire de Paris is 1800 exhibitors spread across three worlds: the habitat, gastronomy and shopping. “This is the most important consumer habitat fair in Europe,” says Carine Préterre, director of the Paris Fair.

What does not fail to seduce the French, 86 % of visitors will make a purchase. Because you can find everything on site: materials for contruire its pool to the small kitchen appliance 1 €. “The average basket is around € 448,” exclaims Carine Préterre. “People do not hesitate to spend as they can compare up on a very wide range and it is often a deliberate act which is done by family”, adds Nathalie Damery, president of the Society Observatory and consumption. And the gold prize goes to the world of home as visitors spend an average of € 4,248 for their habitat.

* Starting today, until ‘to Sunday 8th May from 10 hours to 19 hours. Nocturnal up to 22 hours on Tuesday, May 3 and Friday, May 6 A Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles (Paris XV th ). Prices: € 14, € 7 for 7-14 years and free for children under 7 years.

Cook stress

“the true intelligence of the design is to make life easier,” commented Sébastien Ripari, president of the grand prize for innovation. And this is the promise of technology presented by Bosch. Unlike a conventional hob, which offers power levels with the induction hob, a precise temperature is selected. Is low for cooking sauces or high to cook fried potatoes. Once the selected temperature, just install the sensor PerfectCook on pots or pans, which attaches like a magnet. The control sensor then maintains the temperature recorded to prevent the pan from overflowing or to perfectly cook food without burning.

And for budding chefs, who are still wondering what is the right time to remove the meat in the pan, with this technology a beep indicates the ideal moment. so no need to stay in the kitchen to watch what’s on fire.

the table FlexInduction More 8 Series Bosch 1 € 499.99, selected for the grand prize for innovation first marketing on 1 May 2016.

the dry basement broom

 It weighs only one kilogram and does not drink a lot of water … it is a “mop”. It replaces the traditional drudgery of mop and bucket of water that must be transported from room to room and spin regularly. Its strong point? It is equipped with a patented system of drip and griddle to 120 ° C, allowing it to clean and dry the soil at the same time. He even promises to dry your soil five times faster than your usual mop. It can also be used as a traditional brush to clean the dust with disposable wipes. “What interests the public in an innovation is not innovation in itself, but it is what it changes in his daily,” says Carine Préterre, director of the Paris Fair. And that broom, selected in the category small électroméngaer grand prize for innovation, could help you save time in your housework

Euroflex Monster Mop of 99 €, sold in specialty stores and on the internet.

A refrigerator connected

 Does he still have yogurt in my refrigerator? This eternal question agitated perhaps your thoughts at the supermarket, especially if you have not had time to check the status of your pantry before shopping. This refrigerator connected can give you the answer, thanks to its two integrated cameras. As soon as the door closes, the cameras are activated and transmit the images to your smartphone, app Home Connect.

Just when you shop, so you know exactly what you need to buy. “Before, we logs on objects without really knowing why, but today it is useful in the connected explains Sébastien Ripari, president of the Grand Prize for innovation. With this refrigerator, a person who is at his desk and wondering what she will do to eat tonight, may, through their smartphone, know what she as ingredients and start thinking her recipe. “Another benefit of this refrigerator: without even opening it, you can change the temperature or turn on holiday mode from your deckchair

the refrigerator iQ500 Home Connect Siemens 1 € 799.99, marketing 1 May 2016.

And also …

The Foire de Paris is full of discoveries, so here pell-mell, a selection of these innovations.

The Stooly ottoman (79 €) … initially we like seeing a wooden box, but looking closer, in fact we understand that this is an ottoman. The seat, made of cardboard and beeswax, is concealed within. It unfolds like a fan, which both parties magnetize.

There is also the Indoor Potager True (149 €). Thanks to its LED lighting, automatic watering and nutrients supplied, you can grow and harvest your apartment rosemary, cherry tomatoes and mini-peppers.

Another invention to save you plenty of space in a small room including: Hic furniture and Ubiq (from € 2,500), which turns on itself, and offers three storage surfaces. What stash your travel memories, highlight your books and fold your clothes.

Finally, it ends with iQ700 oven and implementation Home Connect Siemens (€ 2,399 ), which allows to turn on the oven, stop and adjust settings during cooking, without even being in the kitchen.


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