Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Euro-2016: Police acquires drones to prevent attacks – ladepeche.fr

On the eve of the Euro Football 2016, the Paris police has launched a tender to develop drones for the “aerial surveillance of low altitude.” A tool become indispensable at a time when the terrorist threat is heavy and the government decided to extend the state of emergency.

The Paris Prefecture of Police (PP) is expanding its drone fleet by acquiring more powerful machines, while the state of emergency was extended on the eve of Euro football. According to tender, the prefecture will provide “professional mini-drones” for the “aerial surveillance missions at low altitude.”

These devices could be used for purposes of monitoring during the Euro, including overflight of stadiums and their surroundings, without the police has so far confirmed this possibility.

“We already have several lighter drones, used especially during the COP21 “said a police source in the prefecture of Paris.

During a joint exercise with the GIGN and Raid on Tuesday at the Montparnasse station where was simulated a mass attack with hostage the Brigade of repression and intervention (BRI) of the PP had used one of these drones.

the prefecture began his experiments in 2014 and has since equipped with “lightweight models,” according one of his department heads. “From the lightweight one passes the higher model, with better technology and greater flight duration.”

A high-definition camera and a thermal camera

According to the specifications loads established for this tender, these drones will be equipped with a high definition camera and an infrared camera, they will “at least six electric motors” and do not exceed 10 kg.

Robust and foldable, “easily transportable”, they must be deployed in less than five minutes and must above all be “easily detected aurally, as well as thermal and electromagnetic sensing means” when operating at a height of 100 meters.

the drones, which will need to fly over thirty minutes with a charge of a kilo, are “intended to be used outdoors for aerial surveillance missions at low altitude.”

They must be controllable up to a kilometer away, have two flight modes (automatic and manual).

the contract, worth 429 600 euros, also includes the formation of “unmanned”.

the Interior Ministry does not hide that large gatherings are unfortunately prone to terrorist acts.

in countries where this type of drone is used “the results are spectacular, ensures a policeman. This allows many to question suspicious people before they realized they had been spotted. “

The Microdrones the gendarmerie

the gendarmes are equipped microdrones they intend to engage in law enforcement operations. These aircraft are expected to provide in-depth view of the action area by flying over the roads, ridge lines or apartment blocks to flush away potential vandals and detect obstacles such as dams bins or cars or incendiary traps or improvised explosive devices can make as violent protesters. They should also be used in the fight against road accidents.


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