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Three things to know about ‘Hey oh the left’ movement desperately defends the record of Holland – francetv info

The guard of François Hollande starts order. Stéphane Le Foll, spokesman for the government is to launch, Monday, April 25, the movement “Hey oh the left”. Objective: mobilize the electorate left for the 2017 presidential election, one year of maturity

On the eve of the first meeting, he returned on Sunday April 24 on. reasons for this mobilization during the Grand Jury RTL / LCI / Le Figaro: “the time has come to wake us (…) I want to speak to voters who did not go vote several times.” info francetv details three things to know about this trend, with 25 ministers, including Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (Education) and Marisol Touraine (Health).

1 Her name was widely mocked

“The idea behind [this movement and this name], this is to say that occasionally, trials that are made by a party of the left, by some slingers on what we did, deserves to prove them wrong (…) “ said Stephane Le Foll on France info on 15 April, the day of the show Dialogues citizens should revive Francois Hollande.

in short, the movement is to the left. His message? “Hey oh left, make no mistake. Because while you prepare us critics right alternative. ” (11 minutes to 30)

But this appellation caused much ridicule. On Twitter, some users such as journalists from France Info, recalled that she remembered the song of the 7 Dwarfs (Snow White) or that of Nino Ferrer with his “Oh, hey, eh! Good! “

2 He intends to defend the social balance of Holland

” Do not forget that if you criticize, we did things, especially in matters of education, health, the social model (…) what I struggled for a long time, is that we unable to defend what we did “, explains Stéphane Le Foll.

” this is a time of cons-offensive “ for “set the record straight,” “to understand what was actually government action since 2011, with, I admit, mixed results,” says the boss of the PS Jean- Christophe Cambadélis Sunday in the JDD .

what counts then put forward the motion? “We have not touched our solidarity model, such as Social Security or retirement at 60 for long careers. We have given new rights, with such universal rights to Security social, increasing student scholarships or the premium business, which has 2.8 million households of which 400 000 young “ has developed Stéphane Le Foll in an interview with World .

But the record Francois Hollande is more difficult to defend, as noted by the President His blog, since 2012, scrutinizes the promises, commitments and actions by the current tenant of the Elysee.

3 It snubs Emmanuel Macron

There was obviously some tension between some members of the ‘executive. The Minister of Economy is not invited Monday to launch meeting. “It is not invited, nor have I been invited to Amiens” when Emmanuel Macron has launched its own motion “In March,” has justified the Minister Agriculture, Sunday morning. However, Stéphane Le Foll was against a departure from the Minister of Economy.

Meanwhile, Jean-Marie Le Guen, State Secretary in charge of relations with Parliament, called Emmanuel Macron not to play the “Brutus”, referring to the one who struck a mortal stab Caesar.

in addition to the Minister of Economy, slingers were also shunned. But 25 ministers are expected at the University Paris-Descartes. Among them, Le Journal du Dimanche Socialists Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and Marisol Touraine, ecologist Emmanuelle Cosse or even the radical Jean-Michel Baylet …

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