Friday, April 29, 2016

Jawad writes to the judges: “Are you going to print it in your minds?” – The Obs

“Are you going to print it in your minds?”. Jawad Bendaoud, whose apartment located in Saint-Denis had served as a hideout for jihadis of 13 November, is in solitary confinement since his arrest. A situation that led him to blacken the pages.

In a new letter on 25 March, the AFP has learned Friday, April 29, man, known to be the landlord of Abdelhamid Abaaoud , apostrophe again investigating judges and continues to maintain his innocence.

This is the second letter of Jawad Bendaoud that leak to the press. In a first feature written, revealed by the “Obs” the terrorist landlord claimed he had “nothing to do with Daech”. And regretted his sudden celebrity …

“I have nothing to do with Daech” when writing to the judge Jawad

The small former boss of Seine-Saint-Denis insists this time:

“Since my release from prison [in September 2015, Ed] , I have not even prepared a meal and you speak of planning attacks. I have nothing to do with it. “

” You think I’m profiling “

Jawad was Bendaoud arrested Nov. 18 and charged six days later to include “criminal association with criminals in relation to a terrorist enterprise”. He has since confined to the prison in Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis).

Some charges against him dropped. The phone call he received from Belgium 10 days before the attacks proved irrelevant to the investigation.

The man of 29, who had been convicted of manslaughter 2008, seeks above all to prove his innocence.

“I saw Abaaoud [the alleged organizer of the bombings, Ed] less than ten minutes you think I’m profiler to find out what he made before arriving at home. “

It recalls” consumed coke and shit in quantity “that day. As for explosives, “the only time I have seen is in action films”

After Jawad, Assia. The surreal testimony of the landlady Mohamed Abrini

“I’m flipping out”

Jawad Bendaoud said to have invented everything in the SMS sent on the morning of November 18 at his little friend and which suggested that he had from the outset established a link between the two fugitives and attacks. Yet the content of the text message is explicit:

“All the guys on my street yesterday, they laughed, they told me you’re a OUF, you bring guys from Belgium, two brothers MUS . on the Koran of Mecca is the terrorist “

in his new letter, he explains.

” I affabulé Nobody told me that.. I wanted to play a role, brag. “

the right writing becomes anarchic and regular in the pages. And Jawad Bendaoud concluded:

“I want to get out of isolation I’m flipping out.”

P.L.. with AFP

COMPUTER GRAPHICS. Merah, Kouachi Abdeslam … The great Franco-Belgian terrorist network


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