Friday, April 22, 2016

Corpse beheaded and dismembered in Corsica: two arms and two legs found charred – TF1

Two arms and two charred legs were discovered Wednesday by a hiker on a mountain road in Corsica, about 80 km from where a human trunk was found the day before, did we learned Thursday source close to the investigation. The four members were at the foot of a tree on the road between the villages of Novella and Olmi-Cappella, Upper Balagne. The hiker who made that Discovery warned the police who combed the area.
The investigators estimate that there are “high probability” that these members belong to dismembered and beheaded corpse discovered by two hikers on Tuesday on a pile of rubbish in the parade Lancone about twenty kilometers south of Bastia did you source close to the investigation said. The autopsy of the trunk was made Thursday at Bastia.

Significant resources committed

search for members and the head of the victim was the first priority of investigators from the research section of the gendarmerie of Ajaccio. Significant resources have been committed to this operation. The identification of the victim whose torso carrier of a tattoo was larded by blows with a knife is particularly difficult, as the prosecutor in Bastia, Nicolas Bessone. Mr. Bessone said Wednesday that the victim was “a white man” and that “the only certainty is that this is a homicide and an act of particular barbarity”.
No loss was reported in Corsica and DNA from the corpse does not match a person appearing in file National DNA (FNEG). Having burnt members also prevents finding fingerprints but the discovery of the head would study the teeth of the victim, which is often used to identify a corpse. Like a macabre treasure hunt to try to find the head, investigators practiced triangulation from the sites of the discovery of the trunk and limbs, a tone indicated a source close to the investigation.

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