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Emmanuel Macron: “The left today does not satisfy me” –

Credit: Thibault Camus / AP / SIPA

Emmanuel Macron during the announcement of the new version of the bill, March 14, 2016

with Michael Ducousso, with AFP

after several media outlets noticed in recent days, Emmanuel Macron has decided to put words to a situation that was becoming increasingly evident, and even burdensome for the government. The Minister of Economy, founder of the movement “in March” stated: “ I’m not lying to people , I say what I think, I said from the beginning I left, that’s my story. But the left today does not satisfy me “.

This clear sentence that could be controversial is extracted from the interview that the minister has given to Arte and which airs Sunday, April 24. The meeting of April 13, two days before the launch of “Walk On”, and to better contextualize the polemics which emerges Emmanuel Macron in recent days. Latest, that caused by his interview in newspapers Ebra group in which he declared: “I have a personal loyalty to François Hollande I owe him for trusting me and giving me the government appointed the same.. time when a president appoints a minister, he does it because he thinks it’s good for his country, not to make it sound forced. ”

A few days before, the French President said that he had his hand on his young minister assuring: “It is us, not simply a question of hierarchy – he knows he owes me -. but a matter of personal and political loyalty “

Sassy and popular

in his television interview, Emmanuel Macron, who still says not candidate for 2017 said:” to me, the real divide in our country (…) is between progressives and conservatives, that’s cleavage I want to rebuild now and I do not want to wait until 2017 (…) I want to build a joint action with all people of goodwill who believe that progressivism for the country, “he concluded.

This posture is perhaps what explains the popularity of the young minister impertinent. In a recent survey, 38% of French thought he could make a “good president” for 2017.

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