Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Paris attacks: Abdeslam indicted and imprisoned – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – The only survivor of the commando attacks of November 13, was indicted in early evening especially for terrorist assassinations. He was placed in solitary confinement in Fleury-Merogis prison near Paris.

This is his new lawyer, Frank Berton, who announced early evening: Salah Abdeslam presented as the only survivor of the jihadist commando who committed the attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, was put in examination Wednesday for murder and complicity to murder in a terrorist nature, and detention use of weapons and explosives, and illegal confinement for acts committed in the Bataclan concert hall.

in the process, he was placed in custody in a segregation unit of the prison francilienne of Fleury-Merogis (Essonne), one of the largest prisons in Europe. His prison conditions will be very strict: it must be supported “by a dedicated supervisory team of experienced supervisors trained in detention deemed dangerous people,” detailed the Minister of Justice, Jean-Jacques Urvoas, speaking at the release of the Council of Ministers. His cell is “equipped with a video surveillance system” to ensure that it does not attempt to escape or commit suicide, said the Minister of Justice

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When asked May 20

the lawyer who will defend Salah Abdeslam in France, the Lille criminal lawyer Frank Berton was able to meet his client in the afternoon . In his first appearance at the courthouse in Paris, Salah Abdeslam assured in antiterrorist judge he would “speak later.” According to his lawyer, he must be heard by a judge on the matter in depth on 20 May. For now, he is presented as the logistics of the attacks of 13 November was questioned by Belgian investigators, hearings with the French police were able to participate remotely.

His indictment came hours after his arrival on French soil. The alleged terrorist, detained in Belgium since his arrest on 18 March in Brussels after four months on the run, was handed over to France on Wednesday morning following a European arrest warrant issued on 19 March. His transfer took place during the night of Beveren prison in Flanders until the Villacoublay military airport, southwest of Paris, where he arrived shortly after 9:00. He traveled by helicopter escorted the GIGN, the elite unit of the French gendarmerie.

Hope moderate the side of families of victims

The delivery of the Abdeslam French judges’ shows that justice is on its way, “according to Jean Reinhart, a lawyer thirty victims’ families. “Hopefully a collaboration on his part,” also hopes Me Olivier Morice, representing 26 victims’ families. Its sister Samia Maktouf, consulting 17 victims’ families, “do not expect real cooperation” but hoped that “still provide some elements”

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