Friday, April 22, 2016

Pedophilia: Najat Vallaud-Belkacem unveils a new plan –

Najat Valaud-Belkacem wants to fight against pedophilia in schools
with Claire Gaveau

Villefontaine, Villemoisson-sur-Orge … Najat Vallaud-Belkacem decided to act to prevent further abuse scandal in Education. The minister wants to “strengthen the safeguards and control of the disciplinary proceedings on manners.” “ We do not let anything pass in the Ministry of Education with regard to pedophilia “, has she assured the RTL.

A statement that takes all its importance after the publication of a report highlighting “grave errors of judgment” in the case of a school teacher convicted pedophile in Britain who has obtained a teaching position in France ten years later. Academic joint committee of the rectory of Versailles had proposed in 2007 no sanctions are taken against . The latter was indicted February 18, 2016 sexual assault of a minor under 15 years but also detention of child pornography images.

The “guards crazy “to have a” second look “

If the administrative investigation rejects any individual fault or corporatist attitude, the Minister of Education is firm to prevent such a situation happening again . “This is not to question the usefulness or appropriateness of these commissions. The disciplinary policy of this department exists and produces results. But yes, I want to strengthen the management of the disciplinary procedure “has she said in an interview with release it Friday 22 April, while 27 teachers were dismissed in 2015 for sex cases.

The Department of Education does not stop there. The Minister also announced the establishment of “safeguards”. “All legal information disciplinary commissions need to inform their deliberations must be effectively transmitted to them, what was missing in Villemoisson case,” she said, saying the Enforcement Decree of the Villefontaine law would bring “an answer” . A law passed there ten days for improve communications between the Departments of Justice and Education after another scandal of pedophilia in the spring of 2015 in this county of Isère. A school principal was indicted for rape of some of his students when he was convicted of concealment of child abuse images in 2008, without the National Education is informed.

Other guardrail advocated by Najat Vallaud-Belkacem: have a second look for all these cases . This would be “supported by government departments on the proposed penalty.” “This is clearly hardening procedures message “, took the Minister of Education.

Even insufficient action?

And if these first steps are welcomed by parents of students, doubts persist among parents. “ These measures are not sufficient to be able to break the omerta that exists around pedophilia. Tomorrow, we will always have pedophiles who will be there, which will not be recognized, that will not be bitten by the Police and will always teach in front of our children, “said Mathieu Dungeon, Vice President of CIPF college Villemoisson-sur-Orge, which taught the teacher.

According to him, priority based on a particular increased communication: “what we lack is an accompaniment, prevention order to break this code of silence.” Prevention in schools is, according to him, inadequate or non-existent at the moment when he must free the floor for the children to understand what pedophilia and they can more easily talk about.

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