Monday, April 25, 2016

Pedophilia: Barbarin acknowledged “errors” against its priests – The Point

It’s been weeks that priests of the diocese of Lyon demanded this meeting. Monday afternoon, finally responding to the request of the office of the council of priests, a kind of parliament of priests, Cardinal Barbarin gathered his clergy to a great explanation on pedophilia cases that shake his diocese for several months.

many of them have responded to the invitation, more than 220 priests gathered the entire afternoon at Castle Valpré in Écully. The day “exchange between priests and Cardinal Barbarin” was held in camera, with orders given to participants not to meet the press solicitations. It gave rise to the testimony of one of the victims of Father Bernard Preynat, the one by whom the offense came. Member of the association released the Word revealed touching to which comes the priest on young scouts, this victim has issued “a strong enough word, a testimony very well received by all the priests,” according to return of the vicar General Yves Baumgarten. It is the victim who had requested this public explanation a few days ago and it was accepted.

listening Cell victims

They listened as the measures proposed by the diocese of Lyon to avoid that such a case does not happen again. There will be the creation of a helpline for victims animated by professionals, the formation of a panel of experts to study the cases of sexual abuse or risk situations identified in the church, and finally, the opening of a helpline for members of the diocese of staff “who are, in the current crisis situation in suffering, confusion.” And there were voices, “small minority” stated vicars, which amounted also to ask the Cardinal Barbarin to take responsibility, in short, to resign to ease the situation. “But the question does not arise,” have ruled the vicars, reporting that the cardinal “wanted to carry out its task.”

The Cardinal Barbarin inaugurated during this meeting a new line of defense . “This is not the problem of one man, but of the whole diocese,” advanced the vicar Yves Baumgarten, right arm of Cardinal. He, personally targeted by several complaints from victims who blame him for not having denounced the facts to justice and not having subtracted the priests in their ministry, now seems to withdraw from the front line for the benefit of collective responsibility the diocese. Thus, Cardinal Barbarin has he chosen not to appear in the press conference that followed this exchange day, leaving to his two vicars general, care to explain the measures after the day trade.

errors in the management and appointment of priests

They explained that there Cardinal Barbarin had recognized that “the diocese had made mistakes in the management and appointment of some priests. ” The “we” is now de rigueur. Returning to the Preynat case, they explained: “In the knowledge of certain facts, it appeared that we did not have all the elements and we have failed in our duty to investigate, search for truth. Too often we merely truths and partial knowledge that prevented them from seeing clear enough on these situations priests and led us to errors in the retention of these priests, or the appointments made. “

“the nomination is collective work, are the vicars general, members of the nomination team who prepare the dossiers for the decision taken by the cardinal” insisted the “ministers” of Barbarin “This is why there is a collective responsibility of all, successive bishops, successive nomination teams, who are responsible for these errors.”

No matter therefore in these conditions for the cardinal to resign.


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