Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CSM reform adopted by the Assembly, the Congress believes Urvoas – Liberation

The constitutional bill reforming the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) was adopted Tuesday by the National Assembly by 292 votes against 196 (59.8% of the votes), with 44 abstentions (UDI and PRG) . Members of the majority have therefore approved the text amended by the Senate in the summer of 2013. Promise of Holland, the reform had been buried as judged “empty of substance” , then exhumed when a part of the majority and the judiciary were concerned about a safe drift government between state of emergency and debate on the deprivation of nationality.

in the Assembly, the left has therefore voted a text that the right to centrist ally, had reviewed and corrected in the Senate was dominated by the left. The reform reinforces the independence of the prosecution, cutting the cord with the Minister of Justice. It provides that prosecutors are appointed by the CSM, without changing the composition of the body, unlike the original provisions of the project. Last week, the Minister of Justice, Jean-Jacques Urvoas wrote to all MPs. He advocated constitutional reform of “common sense” .

Nevertheless, the holding of a congress in Versailles remains uncertain. Because it takes a majority of 3/5 th of all parliamentarians, deputies and senators, to reform the Constitution. But right now the majority in the Senate, is now opposed to text it yet approved it three years ago. Thus, in early April, the leader of the senators LR, Bruno Retailleau, minimized the scope of reform to justify this change in a year of presidential: “We do not convene a Congress on a piece of text. Parliamentarians meet in Versailles for nothing, while we are in the fight against terrorism, would be terrible and we French reproach. the conditions are not met. “

But Urvoas continues to believe it, relying on the ” conviction “ against ” posture “. “The way Congress is open [...] I actively campaigning for that [he] be convened ” Has -he declares. “The opposition votes that have arisen earlier are posture votes” , launched the Minister at the exit of the chamber. And insist: “For there to be a Congress requires that both assemblies have voted the same text. They voted the same text, so I continue to appeal the conviction. “

Noémie Rousseau


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