Monday, April 25, 2016

The open environmental conference, some targets for renewable energy readings – Liberation

Ségolène Royal on Monday opened the 4th environmental conference to set the roadmap “green” from the government to the end of five years, by announcing the recovery of certain targets by 2023 for renewables.

on Monday and Tuesday, several hundred representatives of NGOs, employers, trade unions and local councilors and MPs will participate in panel discussions attended by many ministers.

the price of carbon , management of marine protected areas, improving water quality, population exposure to “chemicals of concern” (pesticides, endocrine disruptors, nanomaterials), citizens’ awareness of the ecological transition will be part of topics discussed.

François Hollande must speak in 11:30, while Prime Minister Manuel Valls will close the debate on Tuesday afternoon.

at the opening of the debates, Ségolène Royal recalled some projects undertaken such as the energy renovation and further development of renewable energy, source of employment

-. “Ramp-up” –

the Minister Environment and Energy confirmed that the targets for 2023 for renewable energy would be published in a decree published Wednesday in the Official Gazette, and the roadmap on nuclear power would be “well lodged by 1 July “.

the order will” set the course, the place and the rise of renewable energy “and” will give visibility to investors, “Ms. Royal said.

the goal by 2023 is to “increase the installed capacity of 50%” of renewable energy, detailed Ségolène Royal, increasing it to 43,000 megawatts (MW) at a level between 71,000 and 78,000 MW.

This will require “more (than) doubling” of the installed base of onshore wind, to 26,000 megawatts, against 23,300 MW initially planned.

No change in contrast to the fixed offshore wind turbines whose ambition remains of 3,000 megawatts in 2023, a level below the claims of the industrial sector.

in solar energy, it is “a tripling” of the park to more 20,000 MW.

These objectives in the solar photovoltaic and wind energy will help create 40,000 jobs by 2023, the ministry said.

in addition, France will have to double installed capacity for the production of wood energy, increase by 50% the renewable heat production compared to 2014, notably by multiplying by 7 production from biogas, multiplying by 4 the outcome of geothermal and increasing 20 % production from biomass.

Finally, biogas from anaerobic digestion will represent 20% of consumption of natural gas vehicle.

A document containing these goals and called programming Multi energy (PPE) should detail the share of different energy sources (nuclear, renewable, etc.) in the coming years.

It should reflect the goals of energy transition law (reduction energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, decrease in the share of fossil fuels and nuclear) promulgated in August 2015.



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