Friday, April 22, 2016

Justice dismisses the opposite shoreline in the center of the project for the homeless in the sixteenth – Liberation

Petition legal action: the residents of the chic sixteenth arrondissement of Paris opposed the installation of a shelter for homeless people on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne tried everything, but they were unsuccessful Friday by justice. Several residents associations and coordination to safeguard the Bois de Boulogne demanded the suspension of the project meant up to 200 people. But the judge in the Paris Administrative Court held that the construction of the center, the heart of a heated controversy in recent weeks, will lead “no significant change in classified site.” He retained “the importance of the public interest pursued by the project.”

the quarrel about the creation of this center, promoted by the Socialist Mayor Anne capital Hidalgo, had slipped into the political arena, Mayor LR sixteenth arrondissement Claude Goasguen marking its strong opposition (euphemism alert) to the project.

in a statement to AFP, the Paris city council has “welcomed” the judgment of the administrative court, which “confirms the determination of the City to complete this project, alongside the state and the Aurora Association for opening this center by summer 2016 “. “We regret but this order is imposed on us, except Cassation. Work will therefore continue, “ has responded coordination in a statement, maintaining that it is ” a mistake in choosing the site “ for “solidarity project”

the arguments of opponents of the project were both ecological. – the chairman of the coordination Christophe Blanchard-Dignac regretting the sacrifice green space in Paris to rehouse people in difficulties – and sociological, some residents wondering if newcomers are “comfortable in an area where prices are high”

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in March, an information meeting on the project was transferred to the rat race. The architect of the center Guillaume Hannoun and general secretary of the Prefecture of Ile-de-France Brocas Sophie had been particularly jeers targets and some participants had failed to come to blows.

“All this is based on unrealistic fears is the prototype of false problem” has told AFP the lawyer of Dawn association that manages the project. “There is no respect for neighbors to imagine that their lives will be polluted by people who, for the most part need to be accommodated and want to be alone. They do not intend to steal the bourgeois “ says Jean-Pierre Versini-Campinchi, ensuring that these are ” or hooligans or thugs. “

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According to the mayor of Paris, the sixteenth arrondissement not account eight places in emergency accommodation, a total of 9700 in the capital. In the debate, the inhabitants of the sixteenth arrondissement themselves have lamented this situation: “it is for us, the rich to help the poor,” have they argued

But in March more than 40,000 residents signed a petition against the construction of the shelter so called “new Sangatte” in reference to the center of the Red Cross had collected up to 800 migrants Calais before being closed in 2002. the center, funded (€ 4 million) and the City of Paris (800 000), should be welcome by 200 people, percent family hundred isolated, directed via the 115, the social emergency number.



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