Friday, April 29, 2016

Law work: the injured protester has totally lost the use of his eye – Le Point

A young man seriously wounded in the eye by a projectile in Rennes Thursday on the sidelines of the demonstration against the labor law, has definitely lost the vision in his left eye, said the prosecutor Ille Nicolas Jacquet et-Vilaine Friday. “The pathologist who have seen confirmed the functional loss, total and irreversible, vision of the left eye,” he said. This 20 year old student in geography at Rennes 2 is still in hospital, he said.

The prosecutor of Rennes Nicolas Jacquet had announced earlier that it had entrusted to ‘IGPN an investigation to determine the circumstances of injuries of a youth who was seriously affected eye Thursday on the sidelines of the demonstration against the labor law in Rennes. “I opened an inquiry entrusted to IGPN to determine the exact circumstances of his injuries,” he said. The management of the University of Rennes-2, and a student who had attended his comrade had said Thursday just before the protester had lost the use of his eye, citing the family of the injured.

Thursday, after the union demonstration against the labor law, the security forces charged hundreds of young demonstrators from battle with the police prevented access to the very heart of Rennes. Shortly after this charge, a young student in geography from the University of Rennes-2, aged 20, was hit in the eye by a projectile.

“very violent police load”

“After a very violent police load close to the Parliament, it was going to flow back to the other side of the Vilaine and it was at this time that he was hit by a pitcher shooting shot in the eye. We were called to his side and we immediately saw that his wound was very serious. And this morning, he is blind, “said Hugo Poidevin, student member of the Mobilization Committee of Rennes-2 and student medical team in place for demonstrations.

According to the latest toll released by the prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine Friday, 22 people were arrested Thursday 9 policemen were injured slightly. The prefecture only lists two injured protesters, the student wounded in the eye and a man knocked on motorbikes and wounded “slightly” by a police car while hampering “voluntarily”, according to the prefecture, circulation. The medical team of the protesters in turn identified nearly fifty injured, six hospitalized. The prefecture has recognized the use, during the event by the police, defense launchers balls 40 (LBD40), launch of newer, powerful bullets that former Flash-Ball, another trademark.


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