Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The “dentist horror” sentenced to eight years in prison in the Nièvre – Le Figaro

The court has imposed a sentence of disqualification final and 10,500 euros in fines. More than 100 patients had denounced the care provided by the Dutch engaged in Nièvre since 2008.

The Dutch Mark Van Nierop was sentenced Tuesday to eight years imprisonment by the Criminal court of Nevers in Nievre. The one we nicknamed the “dentist horror” for mutilating a dozen patients, had admitted the facts alleged against him at his trial in March: he was accused of mutilation, violence against persons vulnerable, fraud and forgery. The court on Tuesday ordered his continued detention and matched his sentence of disqualification final and fines totaling 10,500 euros.

During the trial, the prosecutor of the Republic in Nevers, Lucile Jaillon-Bru, had required eight years in prison in echoing a psychological report that the personality of the Dutch dentist allied “total lack of compassion “and” greed “. The magistrate had denounced the “health disaster” caused by this man of 51 years, author of “violence whose ultimate goal was to get refunds” ever increasing health insurance. Over a hundred reported victims, the prosecutor had engaged mutilation for 53 of them, asking for the charges to 20 others, including “premeditated violence” and three acquittals. In the end, the defendant was acquitted of the facts of violence on victims and six of certain fraudulent acts.

The long-awaited by the hundreds of civil parties, the hearing, originally scheduled in ten days had finally lasted only half the accused to face puffy remaining almost mute in the box and merely answer most questions with a terse “no comment.” It was during the second day of discussions he only admitted being “responsible” before saying: “I was in a mental state where people around me did not interest me.” His lawyer, Delphine Morin-Meneghel, had then argued that “certain acts that may seem shocking” were “in fact consistent with the recommendations” of the profession.

Delisted from the order of dentists 2013

Mark Van Nierop, whose real name “Jacobus Marinus Van Nierop” had settled in the small town of Château-Chinon Nièvre in 2008, after being recruited by a headhunter. The man made a great train, undertaking important work in his house and regularly staying in luxury hotels. But billing irregularities had quickly alerted Social Security, as well as some patients, while complaints began to accumulate. The dentist would also scammed insurance and mutual his patients, overcharging of services and stating the care that were never performed, reports Europe 1.

“It was very available to and he could give you an appointment the day for the next day at 7:30 am, “testified Gerard Martin, the husband of a victim. Another victim, Christelle Jacquet, had gone in 2010 as Mark van Nierop’s office for a check-up. “He damaged nine healthy teeth and I lost three,” he told this mother who claims to suffer from a “facial paralysis for life” and damage to his gums, which put “the bone raw. ” According to a group of victims, the troubles were “a sepsis early myocardial, through all kinds of dental problems.”

In May 2013, Mark Van Nierop is removed from the Order of Dentists, indicted and put on probation for “voluntary violence causing permanent mutilation,” “scam,” “forgery and use false, “said the lawyer of the group, Mr. Charles Joseph Oudin. Mark Van Nierop then flees to Canada. There was arrested in September 2014 while trying to end his days, before being handed over to the Dutch and French justice.

The Criminal Court ruled Tuesday on only part of the damage and sent the rest to a hearing scheduled for June 16, “to rule on the pecuniary loss.”


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