Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hey oh the left! The operation survival Dutch – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Initiated by the Dutch pure juice Stéphane Le Foll, the operation appears as the first step in the future candidacy of the head of state to his re-election

“That’s better.” This is now the buzzword in the executive. An expression dropped by President of the Republic himself on the evening of April 15 on France 2, taken in stride by Manuel Valls and by many members of the government.

It’s still this amazing little music has sung the agriculture minister and government spokesman, Stéphane Le Foll, Sunday called the “Grand Jury RTL- Le Figaro -LCI “. To him, “the situation is good” and “it gets better”. He also shelled the reasons for satisfaction: “83,000 net jobs created” and a 1.8% increase in purchasing power in 2015, an unemployment rate of 10%, according to Insee, superior “only “0.2 than in 2012.

” Holland represent because history is written by the victors and conquerors “

As if this “feeling better” could be the martingale to a year of presidential elections, the magic formula that would allow the final to the left of maintaining power and the outgoing president to remain as president. As if, just days before the fourth anniversary of the election of François Hollande, the absolute priority was to return the Socialist supporters who have not moved in the last elections and the PS activists who deserted the party.

François Hollande will announce his decision on his possible candidacy in December. In eight long months hence. However, the suspense is not unbearable. For many are convinced that the incumbent has no choice but to be a candidate for his own succession. He would be forced to take the risk of not being qualified for the second round. “Hollande represent because history is written by the victors and conquerors. If he gives up, he goes to the dustbin of history. If he is not a candidate, history bury him. All will be forgotten, “confided the last few weeks already a member of the government.

An” optimistic “collective

In recent days, it is as if his relatives were preparing the ground the outgoing president. “Hey oh the left!”, Initiated by the Dutch pure juice Le Foll, appears as the first stage, the first step of the future application of Holland. A kind of early campaign that dare not speak its name. A survival operation, also, while never a president of the Fifth Republic was also unpopular in the polls.

On Monday, late afternoon, no less than twenty-five ministers – over half of the government – will visit the Faculty of Medicine of Paris to attend the first meeting of this group “optimistic” created to defend the record of five years. Among them, heavyweight socialists – Segolene Royal (Environment) in mind -, Dutch – Michel Sapin (Finance) and Martine Pinville (Commerce) – but also the radical left – Jean-Michel Baylet (Planning) and Annick Girardin (public Service) – and environmentalists – Barbara Pompili (Biodiversity) and Jean-Vincent Place (State Reform). And for good measure while the Prime Minister will not be present, several vallsistes, including Jean-Marie Le Guen (Relations with Parliament) and Pascale Boistard (Geriatrics).

A show of force

At the rostrum, five ministers, including Marisol Touraine (Social Affairs), Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (Education) and the environmentalist Emmanuelle Cosse (Housing) 350 to defend socialist activists measures “consistent with left values” taken since the beginning of the five-year period, including retirement at age 60 for employees who started working young, or 60,000 new posts under Education.

“It is time that we move to an offensive, we would talk to our people, explain what the issues of the situation”

on Sunday, Le Foll made the call to supporters left: “Do not forget that if you criticize, we did things, especially in matters of education, health, . social model “He added:” It is time to wake up (…). I want to speak to voters who did not go vote several times, “stressed the spokesman of the government. “It is time that we move to an offensive, we would talk to our people, explain what the issues of the situation,” said for his part Le Guen, who has just published a digital book, The Left just ( Place the Republic!).

“Hey oh the left!”, to which Emmanuel Macron has not been invited, wants a show of force. An operation in the Dutch service application? Le Foll denies it. “It is, he says, a meeting which was launched back in the Sarthe with Emma Cosse when I had noticed that a foreman who had to retire at age 60 said that we do not agree with us because we wanted to set up retirement at 65 years. “in reality, it was Alain Juppé, the primary candidate of the right, which advocates reform.


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