Friday, April 29, 2016

Sentenced to life imprisonment for having dismembered, burned and thrown a child to the dogs – L’Express

A nameless horror. Jean-Charles Artaban, 40, was sentenced Friday by the Assize Court of Reunion to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 22 years for killing the young Mathéo in 2013, 4 years son of his ex-girlfriend, then dismembered, burned and thrown his body to the dogs.

Convicted of murder, acts of torture and barbarism, no penalty development it will not ask for the safety period. Life imprisonment had not been pronounced in Reunion since 2003.

“Neither regret nor empathy”

The accused, who s expresses in Creole, difficult and often monosyllabic, claimed throughout his trial remember anything. This man, who shows “no regrets or empathy” according to psychiatrists, remained prostrate in the dock during the two days of hearings on Thursday and Friday.

The incident took place on the night of June 18 to 19, 2013 in a poor neighborhood of St. Benedict. Particularly sordid, they had caused great excitement among the population of Reunion.

38 wounds on the body of Mathéo

Jean-Charles peacock, a marginal already known to justice for acts of violence and sexual assault, convinces his ex-girlfriend, the mother of Matheo, to follow with the child in the dilapidated house it occupies near homes of his family. According to statements of the mother, they would have consumed zamal (cannabis, Reunion Creole) and Jean-Charles peacock would have forced her to drink rum. A fight broke out in the night when the girl confessed to her former partner Mathéo that was not him.

The man then allegedly snatched the child from the arms of his mother, who fled, and would be hard on him. The medical examiner will identify 38 wounds on the body of Mathéo. All internal organs were torn, the body was then cut, burned and thrown into the dog box. “An absolute carnage”, who had to take some time, about half an hour, with shots of great violence, “according to the medical examiner.

A mother strangely passive

“he hit me several times and then went after my baby,” he told the mother. one brother of the murderer, attracted by the cries, said he saw “Jean-Charles throw the child down several times” but had not intervened because he “does not know good” Matheo outside, the mother said she “heard everything. my baby cry and ask for help, the swords, the hammer “and seeing her former partner” Mathéo throw in the chicken coop. “

” Why are not you back in the house, audibly cut your baby! “, gives him the President of the Assize court, Michel Carrue. No answer. the whole neighborhood heard the argument and shouting but it was not until 5:20 am, when the mother knocked on the door of a neighbor, that relief had been warned.

“Absolutely not” crazy

If, on arrival of the police, peacock standing incoherent, satanic type could call into question his reason psychiatrists experts felt that “his judgment was not impaired at the time of the facts”. “He knew how crazy, but he was anything but. He was described as a bad person,” as evidenced by the policeman who led the investigation.

Following an indictment where he felt that the case is “one of the most serious Reunion”, the Advocate General Eric Tuffery has required criminal life imprisonment with a sentence safety waste 22 years. “We are not advocates of the devil, but the lawyers of a man,” pleaded Mr. Patrice Selly, defender Jean-Claude peacock. He did not convince the jury that followed the submissions of the Advocate General.


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