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Bruno Retailleau: “You have to enclose life Salah Abdeslam” – Le Monde

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Bruno Retailleau, president of the group  Republicans in the Senate on LCP.

The transfer of Abdeslam Salah is ” a good thing. He must be tried for his crimes in France, “ has reacted, Wednesday, April 27, Bruno Retailleau, president of the group Republicans in the Senate, while the main suspect of the attacks of 13 November was presented by Belgium to the French justice.

Guests of the show info Questions” on LCP in partnership with Le Monde France Info and AFP, Mr. Retailleau said not to regret the loss of citizenship for the perpetrators of terrorist acts has not been passed by Parliament: “A stateless person can not be deported, you keep it in the territory “, has he argued, adding: must punish him, that’s all. We must punish the lock and especially to life. “

Submarines and unemployment

In response to the agreement signed between France and Australia for the sale of twelve submarines the President of the Pays de la Loire has told “ready to recognize talent” of the defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian. Commenting on the decline in unemployment in March, he also admitted that it was “good news” but adds immediately: “ One swallow does not make a summer. We must not fool the French. We know very well that today unemployment is the yo-yo. “

While the president argued that the country ” is better “, Bruno Retailleau argues the opposite: ” France is less well today in 2012. When compared with other major European economies, it grieves because in terms of growth, unemployment, debt, government deficits, it underperformed .

In response to the public meeting pro-Holland ‘Hey oh the left! “Organized by the spokesman of the government, Stéphane Le Foll, the group’s president Republicans in the Senate held ” incredible “ and ” pathetic “ that the government door and “Help ” of the president. “It expresses a state of extreme fragility and weakness of the executive” , he found.

“Machine despair the French … “

the social movements are, according to him, a reflection of the ” country completely disoriented. “ He blames Francois Hollande who was, he said, “a formidable machine to despair of the French political and despair especially his own camp.”
Judging the motion standing Night “twilight of small groups and” , the senator Vendée expressed concern at the junction that takes place in Nantes with zadistes, accusing the government of let. “When the Republic fell, it is violence that lead,” he denounced.

Support François Fillon to the primary right, Bruno Retailleau think that his candidate can “embody this equation a little Gaullist wearing a hope for the country” . He calls the right to “Do not miss the primary” because, he says, “the crisis of political representation is such that in 2017 everything is possible”

and the message is even clearer, he added. “Today in this tripolarity, it is not enough that the left is in state of extreme weakness for mechanically, the right wins. It takes a real project and a hope. “


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