Thursday, April 28, 2016

Orange on the road for the last holiday returns – TF1

vacation Easter , it’s all over. Traffic will be difficult Sunday in the direction of returns in particular due to the end of the school holidays for Zone C, said Wednesday Traffic monitoring which ranked orange day on a national level. The agency forecast traffic also provides a orange day in Ile-de-France on Saturday. The rest of the weekend is classified green.

Only the area C (Academies of Paris, Créteil, Versailles, Montpellier, Toulouse) is concerned with the end of holidays and “heavy traffic is expected in the direction of return to Paris on Saturday and Sunday” says Bison Smart. “In addition, short trips are expected to coastal areas or areas with high density of secondary habitat. From the cities nearby, users will head to Brittany, Normandy, the Mediterranean Coast Aquitaine, the Alps, “he adds.

Avoid taking the road between 16h and 21h

Bison Smart warns against the usual congestion points: large cities between 16h and 20h Fridays from departures and returns in the direction of the A7 motorway between Orange and Lyon from 10 to 18 or the A10 between Orléans and Paris from 14h to 17h Saturday .

Sunday, it is especially recommended to avoid returning to the big cities between 16h and 21h, take the motorway A9 between Narbonne and Orange from 10h to 19h, the A61 between Narbonne and Toulouse from 17h to 19h, the A10 between Orléans and Paris from 14h to 19h and the A13 towards Paris between 16h and 19h.

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