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The Senate seizes justice for Professor Aubier – Le Figaro

A first in the world so muffled the Luxembourg Palace. On Thursday, the Senate sent the court a case of “false testimony” of a doctor, in the words of Leila Aichi, Senator of Paris, Vice President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Armed Forces . The office of the Upper House of the French Parliament took this decision unanimously. He acted under Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure which allows an official with knowledge of a crime to inform the prosecutor. The doctor in question is a star of the French Pneumology: This is Professor Michel Aubier, department head at the Bichat Hospital. He led the first team of Respiratory Epidemiology in France. If convicted, the penalty could reach five years imprisonment and a 75,000 euro fine


Back backward. April 16, 2015, Martin Hirsch, head of Public Assistance, sent in his place Professor Aubier in the Senate. It was to act as part of a commission of inquiry on the cost of air pollution. In the preamble to his testimony and as is customary, the doctor said: “I have no interest related economic actors.” The sentence was pronounced in all solemnity, right hand raised. But if the brilliant professor seemed to have lost his memory, others had collected for him: The Duck chained and Liberation revealed in March that Michel Aubier was medical officer for Total since 1997

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this case is emblematic in that it perfectly illustrates the notion of conflict of interest. With an industrial side which offers the services of an eminent scientist, the other the same scientist who does not understand how he could go astray. Contacted by Le Figaro , Michel Aubier explains that this is “a work contract” and that Total does he has “never asked”. He added: “I have never done anything to them about the pollution. I took care of health policy particularly with the H1N1 or Ebola. “In 1997, the pulmonologist is contacted by Prof. Henri Mathieu who then occupied for years the medical officer positions at Total. Man is a big name in pediatrics, internal former Professor Robert Debré. He will also head of pediatric clinical services of the hospital that will bear the name of his mentor.

Michel Aubier made statements amazing on pollution

During multiple interviews, Michel Aubier held astonishing about on pollution, arguing in particular that the air inside was stale more than outside. “So it does not minorait the dangers of pollution, he deflected the shot,” said one of his former colleagues. The technique of deviation is also well known in the tobacco industry. The latter had made the same argument to play down the seriousness of passive smoking and delay as long as possible smoking ban in public places. The professor also downplayed the impact of the diesel. “The current problem is the reduction in transport-related pollution as a whole rather than focusing on emissions from diesel engines in light of changing technologies,” he wrote again in 2012 in the Bulletin of the Academy of medicine entitled “health impact of diesel particles: between myth and reality?”.

Professor Michel Aubier also maintains links with the laboratory Servier

Professor Michel Aubier also maintains has long links with Servier, Jean-Philippe Seta, old number two of the group, has also been internal. It entered in 1984 as director of clinical research in Pneumology at the company before being dismissed by Jacques Servier in fall 2013. In 1996, Aubier was investigator in the famous study said IPPHS (International Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Study) published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It was this publication that links with a rare but very debilitating, pulmonary hypertension and appetite. In 1997, France also withdraw all the molecules of the market (including Isomeride and Ponderal manufactured by Servier). All but the Mediator, but that’s another story.

But even today Aubier is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Servier Institute. A presence that they grind several of his former colleagues or peers. “How can a doctor who was aware of the disastrous effects of the molecules of Servier health, and deception about the nature of the molecule (the manufacturer argued that the Mediator was an antidiabetic, Ed), can it twenty years after append his name? He should resign from the institute when the Mediator case came in 2010, “notes one of them


about a pulmonologist on France 5 are controversial

Mediator: Servier sentenced for the first time on appeal


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