Saturday, April 30, 2016

Night stand and trade unions try a reconciliation – Le Figaro

Since its inception, the collective Night standing claims a “convergence of struggles.” After the strike of April 28 against the labor law, unions have been invited to discuss and explain their differences.

Since the beginning of the occupation of Republic square on March 31, Night standing calls for a “convergence of struggles.” After the fourth day of mobilization against the law Khomri El, the movement wanted to seal an alliance with the trade unions inviting them to discuss during daily movement AG. The CGT responded to this call. “We are for the convergence of struggles,” said loudly Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT. “CGT values ​​are compatible with night stand,” said the union leader.

The Secretary General of the Montreuil station has also called for a mass demonstration on May 3 against the labor law and Night said that standing can count on the support of the CGT.

Behind the scenes, Philippe Martinez says that “this kind of forum is positive, it also helps to make known the CGT. We need a citizen movement much stronger, “forgetting, by the way, he did not sign the petition” Work Act, no thank you! “.

Before him, SOUTH Commerce, CGT McDonald, Info’Com-CGT, Taxis standing CGT Spectacle, SO CNT, CGT Air France … also spoke. Some even called for a “general strike”, greeted by the applause of the participants.

A call that the representative of the first union of France would not, however, relay. When the union leader speaks at the podium of the Night standing, participants hitherto placid, have quickly interrupted with cries of “General Strike!”. But the union with 700,000 members, “it is in the companies need to shout general strike.”

Philippe Martinez is not conquered territory. The questions and criticisms of the union representative and multiply. The participants regretted that the grassroots is not enough listening. He denies. Mocking, an organizer launches: “Warning, do not believe everything he says.” “The unions are not doing their job,” says another night deboutiste. “We expect announcements” sighs a young man.

And the coming of the union was organized in pain. “I wanted to come for a long time,” confesses the leader of the CGT. Why wait to participate in Night Stand? “It was necessary that the conditions are met. There was a risk of recovery, we discussed it and decided to come, “retorted Philippe Martinez. Before speaking Thursday night, the number of CGT had also met a delegation of Night standing and “received assurances”.

Side of Night standing union presence has also been the subject of lively discussion. The idea of ​​this gathering was defended by one of the initiators of the movement, François Ruffin, director of the film Thank you Boss! , but the fear of a recovery also hung on their side.

All the unions have not joined the movement. Force Ouvrière (FO) said “not having been invited. But even if we were invited, we would not have come. The topics discussed at Night standing well above the wage sphere, we do not associate the movement, “thus defending Michelle Biaggi, confederal secretary of FO. “We do not manifest with them on May 1, however, the CGT is scroll with,” said the union representative.

As for the Sunday parade, the position of the CGT is less clear. If Philippe Martinez welcomes walk alongside FO, about a formal alliance Night standing unionist boot into touch “each in his place can contribute to the event.” Still, the path of the procession, set by the Inter between Bastille and Nation, will not pass through the Republic Square …


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