Friday, April 22, 2016

Holland Macron: Glavany critical “the monarch and his forced” – Le Parisien

“These quarrels do not interest the French,” said Jean Glavany. Guest RTL, the Socialist MP, member of the Hautes-Pyrénées, attacks as well the President that the Minister of Economy. “I speak as a free man, I did not like when the president told I know what to me (note: on France 2 about Emmanuel Macron), explains Jean Glavany . I did not like either what was said Emmanuel Macron, unfortunately if it is his obligation when you look in his political career, in any case, (…) all that in politics thanks . in Holland “

the MP says his thoughts:” When we call on the government of people who have never seen a voter, or were beaten … we are not in the culture but in a democratic monarchical form. And deep Macron is the product of this system. ” Asked whether “the monarch” had to get rid of the minister, Jean Glavany replied that “the monarch and his obligation should first think about France.” “These quarrels do not interest the French,” he insisted, assuring that “the French are quickly irritated by this escalation of small phrases and jokes.”

 “Macron must focus on the essentials” asks Jean-Marc Ayrault.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, on Europe 1, said that the attitude of his government colleague “appears far from him what to do.” “Regarding the Economy Minister is someone competent, it does its job. It must focus primarily on his work because if the economy is getting better, we are not yet out of the crisis, so we must focus on the essentials, “he insists. Before concluding: “We need unity in action, I wish we had this exemplary behavior, unity in action, consistency. Because that’s what the French expect otherwise they will not trust. ”

 “You know a politician who does not play his score? “Notes Barbara Pompili.
Emmanuel Macron” wants to show the positive side, and he is right to do so. Since he works as a team, it has its place in the government, he stays with us, “said iTélé on the Secretary of State for Biodiversity. “That is a political process of reflection, it is not only the government. You must have a deep reflection, and brings his stone while he iconoclastic ideas, that’s fine, “she considers. The former Green MP, who had left before the regional EELV, is annoyed that “much of the political class, the media class, (or) in the presidential election. (…) Nominations blooming everywhere, everyone wants to show his face for the light on yourself, “she says about Rama Yade and others. “That begins to reflect on the merits, the world to which you want to go.”

“I’d like Emmanuel Macron begins to stain his minister, his record is not brilliant,” according to Jean-Marc Germain. MP close to Martine Aubry, guest of LCI, recommend to the Minister to “do some soul-searching and no complacency” and “get to work”. “The French must not give in to fads and watch what Emmanuel Macron has done,” said Jean-Marc Germain. While it considers that it is not “fired on a sentence” considers it necessary “to be worthy of the confidence of the president.” “Emmanuel Macron has boundless ambition, he is ready to kill father and mother,” he adds. Regarding the popularity of the Economy Minister, he adds, “we do say what we want to polls.” Citing a “spotlight effect” on Emmanuel Macron, he recalled that in other surveys is that Martine Aubry is considered the best representative the left. It sends a severe stings the Minister releasing it must “ripen because we do not pass the tax inspection at the head of the country like this.”

QUESTION OF THE DAY. Emmanuel Macron may still remain in government?

VIDEO. Holland: “Emmanuel is not there? “


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