Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gennevilliers: a young girl she was beaten because of her skirt? – Point

Being in a coma, just for wearing a skirt … That’s what would have happened to a 16 year old girl Monday night in Gennevilliers in the Hauts-de-Seine, according to Le Parisien who nicknamed Nadia. While she waited for her tram, the young woman is approached by a group of young people who have openly criticized the conduct of the teenager. She is wearing a skirt. Young people move away, but three young women, about the same age as the girl, approached in turn. They also have insisted on his wearing of a skirt, state later Nadia. The investigation will show that they were unaware of any teenager.

When it comes tramay, yet they go up with it. And become very aggressive. The gang leader, aged 19, would have led the young woman by the hair to move it down to its judgment. According to Nadia, it has failed to hit and insult him. His two associates join it until the pummel of punches and kicks. According to witnesses, the girl will knock, falling to earth, destabilized by a final blow to lap the leader of the group, described by Le Parisien as a “veritable colossus.” The three assailants fled when passersby approach the fight scene. They contact the firefighters who evacuated the victim to the hospital. Nadia spends a few hours in a coma and was prescribed four days of temporary interruption of work.

The leader denies the version of the skirt

The same evening, the leader of the group is taken of guilt. Le Parisien says she goes to the police with one of his acolytes, after finding the state she and her friends have left their victim. She sees herself placed in custody and will be judged on 17 May. During questioning, investigators rule out any religious motive for the attack, the assailants have not invoked any religion to justify their actions.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Gennevilliers, Patrice Leclerc, condemned the Friday assault “Nothing justifies such violence, he responded. If no motivation other than disagreement with the dress, was uttered, we wish to reaffirm that no reason can not limit individual and collective freedom of women to dress as they wish. ”

This Saturday, the leader of the group however denied the version of Nadia, that she had attacked her because of her skirt. “I also wear skirts,” she said to the camera to BFM TV. The case is reminiscent of the bikini worn by a young woman who had made a hit in Reims Park. The case caused a runaway Islamophobic relens. The prosecution had finally rejected “any religious motive.”


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