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Syria to Austria, not in the last commando who was hit Paris – Obs

“They told me I had to go to France, to accomplish a mission, and that I would receive instructions there.” Confessions Adel Haddadi are terrifying. On February 12, an Algerian of 29, which was far pass for a claimant wishing to join Germany, confessed to the Austrian police that he should participate in the attacks of 13-November in Paris, revealed this weekend the “Washington Post”, backed by “Le Parisien” and “Le Monde” in France. The Obs also had access to his lengthy statements collected by Austrian investigators. Adel Haddadi told them his entire journey, from Raqqa in Syria to Salzburg, Austria, where his journey ended sooner than expected. According to his confession, the man would probably participate in a new commando supposed to strike again … Paris

“They told me I had to go to France, he said . They police (IE, note) wanted to get involved in serious things “

attacks November 13: the mystery of”. Austrian commando “

the course of Adel Haddadi in the organization Islamic State starts Raqqa, Syria. He arrived in February 2015, as attested by an Algiers flight ticket to Turkey recovered by authorities. To his parents, the Algerian 28-year-ment and then tells it from “working in the Algerian desert” …. He actually rallied Daech, and quickly joined one of its training camps.

“We’ve played sports, we had meetings and someone showed us how one uses a Kalashnikov. We dismantled the Kalashnikov, have them assembled. (…) I ‘ was then able to do it alone “

There a Abu Ahmad entrusted with a mission. reach Paris in slipping from the flow of Syrian refugees. At his side, three other jihadists: Pakistani Muhammad Usman, arrested with him in Austria and had been “Fireworks for jihadist groups close to al-Qaeda in his country,” and the two Iraqis who will blow the 13- November near the Stade de France.

on the road of migrants

in late September 2015, a few days before their departure for Europe, the four men are photographed in a store pictures of Raqqa, to realize their false passports, from a batch stolen from the Syrian administration, said “Le Parisien”.

Abu Ahmad (investigators still do not know his real identity) their puts money, phones with its number and the four jihadists leaving Raqqa in pickup, then cross the Turkish border. By paying smugglers, like thousands of genuine refugees.

“We then traveled with the two smugglers about 1 km walk, passing through a hill. Through a wet land, there was reeds and several fruit trees. You could see small houses. the roads were not paved, they were dirt roads, “said Adel Haddadi during his testimony.

on the other side of the border, the commandos joined Izmir, where they buy life jackets. “Mohammad [a kamikaze Stade de France, Ed] gave me $ 150 with this . I bought four life jackets and four waterproof bags for documents “

once again, they follow the same route as the hundreds of candidates for exile: they pay a smuggler $ 1,100 person, make an appointment for the same evening and then head for the coast.

“We drove about 45 minutes to the coast. We had to wait in a thicket with 50 people were already there. There was yet another group of fifty people. Two boats were planned. At one point, the Turkish police arrived and found the other group and arrested them. They have not seen us. “

The four men finally boarded at 4 am, with fifty refugees.

” We were 40 or 45. We sailed about 1 hour and a half, until that the Greek navy, which arrived with a large ship, we discovered, we do get in and brings us into Greece. “

a happy” contretemps “

they arrive on the Greek island of Leros, Greek police discovered fortuitously as passports Adel Haddadi and Muhammad Usman are fake. According to the “Washington Post” is Muhammad Usman who did collapse because their mission in as a Pakistani, “he does not speak Arabic well, which quickly contradicts the claim that it is Syrian.” and Muhamad Haddadi, meanwhile, “knew virtually nothing to the city assumed to be that of his birth . Aleppo, Syria “the two men were arrested, taken to court and detained
against the two Iraqis, future kamikazes Stade de France, manage to pass between the messages of the net.

Finally, Adel Haddadi and Muhammad Usman were released a few weeks later, on 28 October, as they are considered economic refugees, not terrorists. They resume their journey after receiving new money from Abu Ahmad. They pass through Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia (Hungary completed its wall while they were in detention in Greece), before arriving in Austria … November 14, the day after the attacks of Paris.

Their goal? Paris, always Paris

After having discovered the false Syrian passport with the dead bodies of two Iraqis, investigators seek who the other people arriving at the same time to Leros. They look at the profiles of the 197 migrants arrived on the same day than they do on the island. Here profiles Adel Haddadi and Muhammad Usman, false passports holders, question the authorities … The two are located in Salzburg, where they applied for asylum. They were arrested on December 10 in a refugee center.

In their phones, investigators then discovered traces of exchanges with the famous “Abu Ahmad”, but also with several Belgian numbers, Italian, English, Spanish, french, German … then Abed Haddadi ensures not know anyone in Europe.

They mostly a Turkish number that will allow them to make the final link with the terrorists of 13 November. This number found in portable two men arrested in Austria is on paper, wrinkled, found on the body of a suicide bomber from the stage of France …

The authorities discover that a few days before arrest, the two men had searched the Internet how to reach Paris by train from Vienna … Did they have a specific purpose in the capital? Mystery. Haddadi was shot in his testimony. He is crying. Swears he just wants “to be a normal man” and that he tried to “escape” in vain. But he does not answer police questions about the possible intended target …

“They said evil things, evades Haddadi. They do not correspond to religion. The Saudi told me I had to go to France and wait there until I can do something for the sake of God.

RF and Violet Lazard


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