Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The “dentist horror” sentenced to eight years in prison in the Nièvre – Le Parisien

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 The court ordered his detention and matched the pain of disqualification of several final and fines totaling 10,500 euros.

At the trial in March, the prosecutor Lucile Jaillon-Bru was required eight years in prison by denouncing the “health disaster” caused by this man of 51 years, author of “violence whose ultimate goal was to get refunds” ever increasing health insurance.
 Over a hundred reported victims, the prosecutor had engaged mutilation for 53 of them, asking for the charges to 20 others, including “premeditated violence” and three acquittals.

 Another hearing scheduled for June 16

Finally, the defendant was acquitted of the facts of violence on victims and six of certain fraudulent acts, the court has also reclassified the made to both victims.

the long-awaited by the hundreds of civil parties, the hearing, originally scheduled in ten days had finally lasted only half the accused to face puffy remaining almost mute in box and merely respond to most questions with a terse “no comment”.

 VIDEO. First day of hearing in the trial of “horror dentists’

The court ruled on only part of the damage and returned the rest to a hearing scheduled June 16 “to rule on the pecuniary loss.”

Marinus Jacobus Michels said Mark Van Nierop, was arrested in Canada in 2014 and extradited to the Netherlands, his home country, where he was suspected of killing his wife (in 2006), before being transferred to France. The practitioner had also been sanctioned in 2001, 2003 and 2012 for the mutilation of Dutch patients





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“dentist of horror “sentenced to eight years in prison in the Nièvre

He mutilated dozens of patients for profit … the Dutchman Mark Van Nierop, dubbed the” dentist horror “for deliberately injured dozens of patients in the Nièvre, was sentenced Tuesday to eight years …


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