Monday, July 28, 2014

A Chelles, Sarkozy’s portrait still dominates – Europe1

A Chelles, Sarkozy's portrait still dominates – Europe1

THE QUESTION – The UMP mayor of Chelles Rabaste Brice has not replaced the official portrait of the President of the Republic. Is this legal?

But where is Holland? In the city of Chelles, Seine-et-Marne, Nicolas Sarkozy is still president. As tells Le Parisien , in the office of mayor UMP Brice Rabaste is the official portrait of former Head of State who is hanging on the wall.

tradition, not an obligation . An elected official he has the right not to display in his office portrait of the current tenant of the Elysee? The answer is yes. This is a republican custom, not a legal obligation. Clearly, a mayor risk no penalty if he does not hang on the wall the official portrait of President or if he prefers to display in the town hall photo of a head of state that is no longer office.

grooms may apply. It also happens that couples refuse to marry before the portrait of a particular president. Time Nicolas Sarkozy, left Bauvin and various mayor had agreed to remove the photo of Nicolas Sarkozy to the marriage hall at the request of three couples. The official portrait was Recase in a hallway … away from the marriage hall


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