Monday, July 28, 2014

Thousands of pro-Israel demonstrators in Marseille – Le Monde

Thousands of pro-Israel demonstrators in Marseille – Le Monde

pro-Israeli demonstration in Marseille, July 27.

Between 2000 people and 6,000 people gathered Sunday July 27 in Marseille, to support Israel during a demonstration that dozens of pro-Palestinian tried to disrupt.

“assassin Hamas, Israel will live” or “Israel has the right to defend itself” , chanted pro-Israeli demonstrators gathered in the late afternoon on Old Port in Israeli and French flags. “Stop Islamic terrorism”, “Stop Hamas terrorism,” could be read on the banners .


Several UMP deputy mayor of Marseille Jean-Claude Gaudin took part in the rally. At the forum, the UMP mayor of 6th and 8th districts of the city, said Yves Moraine “coming friend of Israel” as “any State has the right to appeal and duty to defend itself. ” The President of the General Council, Jean-Noel Guerini (eg PS) has read a message of support justifying “military operation required” and the right of Israel “to defense ‘.

The atmosphere suddenly tense when dozens of Palestinian militants from small groups of adjacent streets, tried to lead the Old Port throwing anti-Israel slogans before being surrounded by security forces who have kept away. Several pro-Palestinian demonstrators mimicked the gesture of quenelle, found the AFP journalists.

Having sat on the balcony of a hotel overlooking the Old port, four young men, fists, waved a Palestinian flag and shouted “Israel murderer” , causing cries of outrage from pro-Israeli. The voltage is then settled when surrounded by a large contingent of police force, the protesters moved to the Israeli consulate where the procession dispersed.

The event was disrupted by a dozen people who have particular mimicked the gesture of quenelle, July 27 in Marseille.

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